A Bunch Of Noob Questions

Rather than posting lots of threads…I’ll ask these all in one go…

  1. Does the Sniper Corax ( or indeed any ship with ‘sniper mode’ ) exist in Eve…or is it only in Eve : Echoes

  2. What do the flashing blue symbols mean on an icon in Overview ? I’ve seen flashy red and orange skulls, but not flashy blue before.

  3. Are recon ships really totally un-detectable by d-scan ?

  4. Are tethered ships totally invulnerable to attack ?

Thanking you all in advance for your answers.

  1. Yes
  2. Send me 1 billion isk
  3. Yes (and no)
  4. No
  1. Yes you can easily create a Sniper ship (Cormorants work well) with spike ammo for example.

    The other option is a T3D like a Confessor with appropriate rigs for damage and range.

  2. Flashing blue? Well depends what you set your overview settings to. I have no idea - it’s dependent on the overview setup of the individual.

  3. No idea.

  4. No (they can be bumped from tether, but it’s not easy to do.

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Flashing blue is known as a ‘blue light special’. -

It’s the universal signal for sending isk to Aiko.

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Unfortunately the Corax, while certifiably the coolest hull because it looks like a submarine or ship from Captain Harlock, is rather milquetoaste compared to the Talwar in terms of sniping.

Is this the same or different from the “red light special” I often see advertised in Halaima?

That’s a separate offer.

Ah, thanks.

Could you tell Mr Cheng that I’d like to make a purchase?

Are you pimping again Destiny?

No, it was too difficult, so I stopped.

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I can answer these

  1. Combat Recons do not show on D-scan, but Force Recons do. For quick reference Combat recons can not use covert ops cloaks.

  2. When tethered yes, you can bump them out of tether but ias Hazen said it is not easy to do. The Gankers will have a safe spot close in and have one ship being the anchor and approaching it while the others orbit. Go and watch what they do in Uedama.

Hazen did the job on 1. & 2. Though for 1. DPS is too low to do anything more than get on a killmail unless you have a lot of friends. The video you linked in that other thread was a BS sniping, though his ship was not especially bonused for the guns, but was for the drones.

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I eventually established that the flashing blue is the icon for ‘limited engagement’…


But is this the same as the ship in Eve - Echoes that has an additional function called ‘Sniper Mode’ that adds 50% to range but reduces ship speed by 99% ?

No. Corax - EVE University Wiki

**Caldari Destroyer bonuses (per skill level):
5% bonus to kinetic Light Missile and Rocket damage
10% bonus to Light Missile and Rocket explosion velocity
Role Bonus:
50% bonus to Light Missile and Rocket max velocity **

Jackdaw is a high SP, high cost T3 Destroyer with a Sharpshooter Mode that doesn’t immobilize it

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I’ve never seen blue. What was the pilot doing?

Useless as ever.

Does whoring yourself ever get old?

That ain’t blue :stuck_out_tongue:

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Corax is not a good AG dessie.

You need blasters, so either cormy or cata ironically.

If not solo, and a group then arty thrasher may work cause volley.

Since the first few comments here have lots of trolling, here

1: Well, yes and no. The Sniper Corax as you’d know in eve echoes doesn’t really exist (the Jackdaw exists but its a separate ship altogether). The ship tech tree is very different between echoes and real eve. The Corax itself can also be a good sniping ship in itself.

2: I’ve never seen flashing blue before, that’s odd

3: Combat recons yes, force recons no but force recons can use cloaks which will hide them from dscan and your overview until they decloak

4: Yes but you can try to bump them off tether and then they can be attacked

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Look here, at around 8 minutes. This where I saw it. The flashing blue skull would seem to be the icon for ‘limited engagement’. I dunno if this is because someone else is immediately claiming the kill right for the earlier kills…