A new way of handling Alpha

My suggestion is to raise the amount that alpha clones can do and make up for it by adding advertisements. So alpha clones would be able to get more skills or fly more ships but they would also get an ad after docking and before undocking (safe times). What do you think? Is this a good improvement or a bad idea?

Alpha have plenty of skills already and invasive adverts interrupting the game sounds like trashy mobile gaming tactics.

Put it in eve echoes where it belongs


I know some people would prefer ads to paying, but a lot of people absolutely hate ads. Not only would they likely check out, but it would probably also lead to eve getting a bad reputation for invasive ads.

If you like the game, and you want the benifits of omega, please support it by getting a sub. And if you can’t pay, but think you can handle the grind without getting burnt out, plex your account.


Alphas. Give 'em an inch and they’ll take a mile…


Just get an Omega subscription. It’s literally the cost of eating out at a fast food restaurant one time…


My idea to fix alpha limitation - charge $15 a month for it, or maybe a discount if people pay in advance. Give them access to everything in the game. We can call it something like ‘Omega’.


Any game that goes FTP quickly becomes stage 4 cancer. There is a certain subset of individuals that only want to play games for free, and these are the exact kind that we don’t want in EVE…

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Just get rid of Alpha accounts and go back to the 14 day trial that we used to have. Problem solved.

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Wow, salty…

Still, first iteration of alpha clones and limits where much better.

This is viable only if:

  • The advert prevents any interaction with the client for the thirty seconds you spend watching it.
  • The advert is is triggered by the in-game events “target lock started by other player or NPC” and “targeting an object by the player”.

You need to have a mechanism for ensuring that the Alpha pilots can’t do things that significantly disrupt the economy and balance of power in battles. At the moment that is managed through the skill limitations, the SP cap and the multi-log-in bar - and that is realistically the only way to limit their ability to disrupt.

Or as you may take it: No - this is a really bad idea.
The Alpha offering is, in my opinion, already very viable and good for a casual player. If you want more in the game and are more serious about it then subscribe: Pay money, don’t grind - Eve can never match the ISK/hr income of a Real Life job.

@QuakeGod is right: the subscription isn’t a huge amount compared to a fast food meal.


No. Get Omega if you want more.

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I don’t agree with that, I would not have switched to Omega on day 14 or anything close to it. The fact that alpha state doesn’t stop is what led me to have five Omega accounts.

Alpha is already the king of highsec. So buffing Alpha is not a good idea.

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