A New Weapon Concept for EVE, The 'Hellbore'

I remember many years ago I played a table top game called Starfleet Battles. Some of you might know it. Anyway, there was a race called the Hydrans and they possessed perhaps the most dreaded weapon in the game, the Hellbore. This weapon would do damage to all your shields but would do the most damage to your weakest shield.

What would you think about a similar weapon introduced in EVE? It would evenly distribute half the damaged on all your resistances but then apply the other half to your weakest resistance?

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So they will be like projectile/missile weapons that will, in effect, automagically switch ammo type to hit resistance hole for braindead pilots? No ty.

You never played SFB, right?

No, but that doesnt really matter. i just tried to imagine your idea in EvE setting and thats the rough result of how it would feel like.

Well, many space faring games owe much of its lore to SFB. It was a game that pioneered space battle gaming. Fans of this genre should know its roots.

Of course, the challenge would be to counter such a weapon. Maybe the Hellbore would be a tech that is limited with the use in other modules, for example it could interfere with warp core disruptors (e.g. cannot fit a warp core with a Hellbore weapon). Or range could be a factor limited to 25KM. Maybe a new adaptive shield could come into play.

It’s just an idea, an old one if you think about it.

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Is that what this is about? You want a shield version of a reactive armor hardener?

No, go away.

Starfleet battles…now that is a name I haven’t heard in a long time…

PPT ftw!

hellbore would be interesting. nuclear space mines too.

Would affect tactics in a new way.

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wouldn’t that be cool? EVE could use some shaking up with some old school SFB concepts

Eve use to have space mines in it, but players exploited them way too much so CCP removed them from the game.

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I assume that here i should explain to @Ronnie_Rose about what is a weapon concept
for example, ship weapons
Missiles: disregard angular vel, cares linear vel+sig radius for chasing+damage applying
Guns: disregard linear vel, cares angular vel, dont care about sig radius as much (affecting hitting, but if it hits a stationary ship, then not dmg calculation)
Triglavian Weaps: mostly gun, but adds dmg every cycle if hitting continuously up to 2.5x
Bombs: AOE dmg, can be shot down by defender missiles, and has a soft cap on bombs setting off simultaneously (blows up each other)
Doomsday: various shapes of AOE

So if you are gonna talk about new concepts, you need to change something from above, not just the damage types
a new dmg type choice may work for a new ammunition, but not for a new sort of weap imo
Here is a idea, for free
Spatial Focused Beam: works like a X in space, deals the most dmg when target is close to the desired range
e.g: deals dmg badly at both close and range, but does very well in mid range
it can also be implemented as a new type of doomsday weap. as a mixture of bosemic and spear

Oh right, they do have reactive armor. But it works differently …“The module spreads 60% resistance over four types, starting at 15% in each.”

Doesn’t Adaptive Shield Hardeners work this way already? Spreads a percentage of hardening evenly across all damage types?

So they both operate the same except one is for armor and the other for shields, right?

Is there an ECM that can lower a ship’s resistance? That would be an interesting ability.

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