Spice it up - More damage types, new common ships

So the game has sort of been stagnated by the fact that everyone does 4 damage types and you can only spin that so many ways between armor and shield tanking. Also, it’s all turrets/missiles. I propose that you bring in some creative new damage-over-time mechanics and direct hull-damaging attacks. This could be done through a new race or two, or through a few new lines of ships for each race.

Examples follow.

  1. A new race of ships.
    "Organic" race of ships (a spin off of the Triglavians) that do various DOT damage types that linger with a ship beyond jamming/fall off, gate jumps etc. Maybe make “organic” damage a new damage type on top of Kinetic, etc.

  2. That and/or a race of ships that are focused on direct hull damage that transcends shield and armor. The idea being that they use super heavy tractor beams (or whatever) to shake ships and do tiny amounts of damage to ship hulls, ignoring shield and armor. That and/or ramming damage. This adds a new angle to pvp and defense.

  3. A new class of directional fire ships with higher damage but harder to land shots. Make ships that are basically one giant gun that needs to be pointed at the other ship directly in order to do damage (+/- a certain number of degrees). Make ships that have high potential but difficult to land damage. Be it burst damage or something more related to manually piloting your ship and anticipating your targets trajectory. They could be countered by getting in behind their guns and out maneuvering them.
    I find the current automated 360 degree system to be sort of stagnant and boring, everyone just orbits and keeps at distance. There is currently some skill in manually piloting but it’s limited. Perhaps even shotgun-like firing systems that can be manually aimed short distances through ECM.

Ramming damage will never happen. It would do away with bumping as a tactic. If you’d bother to view some of the EVE tech videos they released, you will realize that ships are surrounded by a type of field and never actually come into contact with each other…

Ya and the great thing about a make-believe video game is you can make up whatever you want. Bumping and invisible fields don’t have to stay the same forever. Think of it like a bubble, if you poke it with a pointy enough object hard enough you could force it inwards until it contacts, without necessarily breaking through. It’s an idea, not a scientific thesis, roll with it.

I tell you what, when CCP finds a way to permanently get rid of bots, multi-input broadcasters, and AFK gameplay, then there will be no need for bumping. Until then…

Sorry I couldn’t see what you wrote behind that giant troll boner you have for all my posts.

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Ah, so anyone that states something that is against your view is a troll. Like I said before, millennial…

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Why yes, I totally agree.

PS, bumping is the smallest part of this idea to get hung up on.

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Bumping is the only recourse we have against massive mining bot fleets. So no, it’s not going away anytime soon…

QQ there’s botters. But they’ve been here for 15 years and the game’s still going strong, so it’s cool.

Good to know you’re ok with botting. Glad you uninstalled before you joined their ranks…

I’m ok with someone else mining the veldspar and keeping prices low. So is CCP or they’d have done something significant, as opposed to adding skill injections for them to sell now too.

So, you’re ok with botting, can’t possibly be bothered to “waste your time” travelling from system to system, and you want to completely bypass shields and armor with direct hull damage therefore negating a couple hundred ships and playstyles. Great ideas there, snowflake.

Like I said, you’re part of the “gimme now” generation that is perfectly ok with cheating to obtain your end goals…

Sorry that my ideas are so over your head. I know sudden changes can be quite disturbing for the elderly and infirm, but I’m sure you’ll manage. Maybe try reading slower, old timer, or looking at when my account was created (about a decade before all this pay to skip the time bs). Perhaps the rose colored bi-focals are hindering your sight.

And if they’re going to “millennial” the shiet out of this game with Skill Injections, they might as well finish it off with reduced travel times because my years of invested time and hard work for enjoyment have already been undermined.

  1. The servers want to cry at the mere mention of this.

  2. Hell no. This adds nothing to the game but a massively broken weapon system.

  3. This was literally memed about at one of the eve vegas/fanfest a year back. It’s unlikely to actually happen as there is no role for it to specifically fill aside from a subcap-cap killer which would quickly become game breaking. If you want this style of gameplay I suggest you get yourself into a stealth bomber and have at it.

The last bit you mention on #3 is interesting in regards to ECM, and we technically have auto-targeting missiles which we know to be horrible. Perhaps a rework of this underused system such that (on top of bumping the base numbers) once you have a target lock and set your missiles to fire, until you decycle or the target dies they will continue to go after that target even if the lock is broken? Still very niche but could actually find it’s place in at least small gang. All while not making the server want to shoot itself by adding micro-mechanics to a weapon system where it’s then having to do collision calculations.

Nonsense. The game became stagnant because we only have 5 colours of contacts. Or only three ways to travel between systems. Or because we can’t travel in time. Or other silly causes.

No i will not back that up with reason! How dare you!


ya’d be makin’ gankers really happy with this one, mate.

Let’s see, where to start…

  • Organic ships

Yes, I could get behind something like that. Jove ships were very organic looking, and apparently they’re all dead now. Their space is disconnected from the Stargate network… but that doesn’t mean we’re unable to slowboat the distance and set up another Gate. So we could start exploring Jove space, studying the remains of their technology (probably dead and decayed by now), and come back with some new form of ship that’s comparable.

In particular, I’d like to see the notion of Passive Armor Tanking. Sure, your Shields refill after a time. But your Armor and Hull just sit until you actively repair them. If the ship were a living being, its skin would heal, and it’s broken bones would eventually mend.

  • Direct Hull Damage / Ramming

No. Just no. Shields and Armor are the primary defenses of EVERY ship in the game. There’s no such thing as Hull Tanking, that’s just a joke. The only way you can Hull Tank is with a DC and Reinforced Bulkheads. So you’re saying you want a weapon that bypasses a hundred different modules and relies on 2 to keep you alive. Hell no.

And the only way I could see Ramming becoming a thing, is if they made it part of a Prop Module. You activate it, and it lowers your Shields so that you’re able to actually collide with another ship. Then it’s only their shields standing in the way. But I would outright deny allowing it to activate in High Sec. And activating it anywhere else would trigger a Criminal Flag and a Sec hit.

The other problem with Collision damage, is the math behind it. The mass of an object, and the speed it is traveling, determine the amount of force behind it. Shooting a bullet, you’re taking a tiny object, moving it at very high speeds, and causing a lot of damage. If you increase the size of the object, you can reduce the speed, and still cause the same damage.

The mass of a ship, moving at typical ship speeds (not to mention MWD bumping speeds) is a ridiculous amount of damage compared to bullets and missiles and even Titan Doomsdays. If you allowed Collision damage on the same scale as our fitted weapons, a Bump Frigate would annihilate a planet, not to mention another ship.

So… you’re probably not going to get Collision damage.

  • Directional Fire

We already have this, in a few ways. Bombers fire their bombs straight ahead. So you must make sure you’re lined up beforehand. And the bigger turrets have less tracking, which means you need to be lined up to avoid high transversal. There are even some Battlecruisers capable of fitting Battleship guns. And they suffer the same issues. That’s why Tornadoes sit in one place outside the station, often lined up with the exit vector. That way their moving targets don’t have a lot of transversal to account for.

The reason for the 360 degrees of turrets is b/c the Servers don’t actually account for the direction you’re facing. For the servers, you are just a point in space. When you start moving, they compare where you used to be, to where you are now, to where you’re going. And your Client draws you as a ship facing some certain direction. That’s why Shuttles can often appear to warp backwards. You got up to Warp speed, before the Client could show you turning around.

But you’d have to be moving for the Servers to decide which way you’re pointing. If you’re sitting still, and someone is flying circles around you, all the Servers can do is calculate the speed their going around your point in space, not whether they’re flying in front or behind.

Mate, all it needs is a vector for velocity, like everyone’s usin’. There ain’t no need for costly comparisons between different states of the physics engine. A velocity vector acts as directional vector as long as it’s non zero and as far as i can tell in EVE they ain’t ever actually reachin’ true zero unless ya jumped.

You are aware that if your ship has no hull left, it will be destroyed even if it has full shields and armor? This type of weapon would be horribly OP, so this idea is dead in the water.