New mechanics for for free extra content

Dear Devs,

could you consider the following:

Eve is full of physics and fancy maths… why not add a momentum factor to the game that not only allows ships to bump each other off like we have it now - but also to actually cause slight damage and therefor trigger criminal or at least suspect status on the initiating pilot (e.g. just take the pre-hit speed of the involved vessels into the equation).

We would get a lot of potential extra PvP content in the game while still giving such miner/hauler bumping scum the option to keep on annoying people if they want to.

Don’t get me wrong… I’m not mining nor hauling in highsec myself, but it really makes me sad to see that such simple yet annoying mechanics give one side every right to annoy the other, while they can’t do nothing in return.
Ideally this would at least even partially compensate for the changes that made Concord turn from a protecting to a solely punishing institution years ago.
No changes needed there - let players decide whether they want to stand up against how they’re treated.

I can even see whole new job opportunites arise from such a change… like paid guards… anyone remember nullsec mining ops in the early eve days where you also had a dedicated bs on standby guarding the mining party and getting a share of the profit in return?
So instead of giving only the scumbags their opportunity to make isk from threatening pilots with annoyment, why not also offer a new breed of security forces a way to make isk for a contract job.
its already sad anough that scumbags can kill a 200+mil barge in a 5 mil vessel and even get rid of the security hit in literally no time.
why not finally stop giving only only side the candy.

well… think about it - since im expecting mainly the bumping scum to actively react to this post i’m pretty sure i wont check too often for any replies ^^

fly safe…


has been suggested multiple times, and multiple times its been pointed out how horrible an idea this is for a multitude of reasons. a quick forum search would have revealed that.

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i like the thought of my last action in a fight could cause extra damage by ramming :slight_smile:

I’ve always thought that myself. Albeit through the slightly different physics of blowing up rather than achieving ramming speed.

Right from the beginning, the tasty graphics of blowing something up - like an NPC listening post - made no sense given it made not a blip on my shields. Surely if someone is within 500 m and tackling, they should take damage too, from the blast wave, when you go boom?

[Like momentum, I don’t see this changing soon, but I really would then like the option of more “instantaneous” self-destruct. Like, 3-2-1-no kill mail for you. But that’s off-topic. My bad.]

Imagine all the extra unnecessary load on server’s.


right… ship a bumps ship b… the game already knows what speeds, mass etc. were involved in this action or how do you think does it compute how fast the bumped ship accelerates in which direction?
so using some sort of simple limiting algorythm that decides “that had to be causing a dent in his hull” would break the game?
with all the code optimisations done in the past few years which we’ve all seen and enjoying you’re seriously using the server load joker at this point? :frowning:

fly safe…

well even if that would be funny… thats not even what i was thinking of.
applying actual damage by this action would waste more bandwidth/cpu time than neccessary.

once the applied force vastly exceeds a certain limit (AKA how much momentuim is placed on the bumped object), just trigger a suspect flagging. and by vastly we can already exclude almost all accidental incidents by default.

you dont even have to include this in the safety mechanism since you cant influence it anyway once you’re already about to hit someone else.

anyway… fly safe…

sounds boring, no one really shoots at suspects anyway

Posting in a not so stealthy “nerf ganking” thread.

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