A Question About a Kill Mail

So…the gank cost me 201 million ISK…but it saved how many billions in a freighter loss?

In the kill mail there are Guristas NPC’s that are part of the km but I was nowhere near an asteroid belt.

There were literally no targets and when we see you now we try to kill you so we can enjoy these sweet sweet delicious forum tears



You’ve been warned!

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I hope you said gf dryson, that sure was some elite pvp.


Tell us again, how do you intend to pipe bomb gankers?


It saved many gankers from content starvation. 200mil well spent!

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The only ones who are crying tears are the CODE Bot Aspirants who are so desperate for attention they will do anything.

Dryson keeps delivering.

seems like they went isk positive,
GF,thx for the content

Whatever it is you’re smoking must be some really good stuff!

Obviously you are just plain desperate.

Well Dryson, I don’t see CODE creating threads 24/7 about how they killed something or achieved some arbitrary goal. In fact, I don’t see them creating threads at all. Or maybe they do and I just don’t remember it right now due to selection bias, but anyway.

I don’t see any CODE people “whining” in here, or anyone else for that matter. Anyone except you. I see CODE troll a anti-ganker thread every now and then in the same fashion I troll the anti-cloaker threads, but that’s about it. Neither I, nor them, are running around and creating thread after thread about it. You are. So riddle me this, who is really the one desperate for attention? A post in a thread garners much less attention than a thread does, let alone thread spamming.


Ok… So how many billions of isk did you save… Depends entirely on how many freighters or other targets passed through that system during the 15 minute window after ganking you and when the gankers could come back out and kill the next target.

Now that could be billions if an overloaded freighter passed through… Or nothing if no one came through or the gankers had a bumping alt that kept a juicy target bumped for 15 minutes.

On the other hand… I do know you failed horribly in at least one regard… You didn’t take long enough to be killed. Your fit focused too much on damage application. Why?

From my understanding, you were going to be ganked. You’ve made enough noise and drawn enough attention that such actions are an almost forgone conclusion. Is that assumption correct? If so… Why not fit the largest tank possible? Concord will kill the gankers, we all know this. If you want to get on their lossmails, at most you just need to shoot them once with even a civilian gun. You don’t have to hit or cause damage, just shoot. So you could use civilian guns, lowering the cost of your lose, and still accomplish the same.

As for tank, you have 1 shield booster and no resistence mods. You have a huge EM hole in your resists so Minmitar ships do full damage.

Look at this lossmail:

My prophecy took as much damage as your battleship and yet cost 45% of your loss. Had that prophecy been truly tank fit, it could have taken much more damage.

So for question on how much was saved, who knows. But I do known you could have used a much better fit.

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