In the Name of Our Lord, King James CCCXV, I hath given my life to blind the enemy

Dearest Queen, @Aiko_Danuja ,

Know that I have sacrificed the lives of a fourteen alts to gouge out the numberless eyes of the Many-Headed Frog Beast in name of the the CODE.

Know that many freighters died that day.

On Christmas Day, know that I will sacrifice fourteen more.

God Save the Queen.


@Which_Frog Repent, before it is too late!

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Um, I’m not sure what’s going on here, but just in case, you should know that Aiko is a scammer. She will make victims do and say stupid stuff with the promise of giving them a large reward, but never will. More importantly, she will never give back any wealth you give her. If you are being scammed, I suggest you cut your losses. And if you just want to be a ganker, just gank. Don’t need to also act like a jackass. Speaking of which, Horde has a ganking SIG.

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Calm down miner, don’t try to bring your whiteknight scams here. Nobody here will believe a word you say, and they will always know that you are a bitter carebear.

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I PvP, gank, blob, gatecamp, and generally try to profit from other people’s bad decisions, but some of the ■■■■ you do makes my skin crawl.

You want to scam. Scam. I’m glad it’s a part of the game. But you give me the impression that you enjoy inflicting psychological pain on your victims. Hopefully I’m wrong, but that’s why I tried to warn this dude.

Praise James.

I don’t even know who you are. How do you know me? What have I done that was so terrible? Can you be more specific??

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Long live the King!

CODE does the best roleplay in New Eden.

By their own admission they DO NOT do roleplay. They are dead serious about everything they say. On the other hand if called out on their BS they use the old “It’s just a game” defence. Want to have their cake and eat it.

Oh, and btw: There is only ONE Queen. And Her name is HM Elisabeth II. “Aiko Danuja” is about as much a queen as Elton John or Freddy Mercury.


“Its not roleplay” is exactly what a character would say, rather than a player.

Also, Queen Margrethe II of Denmark would like a word about your Anglocentric Monarchy theory.

Additionally, Freddie Mercury was at least in Queen, unlike Sir Elton John CH CBE.

Honestly, you arent a very good Royalist if you forget to apply the appropriate honorifics to the Noble Classes.


The Hannoverian pretendress is not a ‘queen’. The line of succession runs through the descendants of Henry VIII and his one true wife, Anne of Cleves.


Tudors found the crown in a bush.


Off with your head, one doesn’t mispell the name of a monarch and get away with it.

I get the concept of CODE and the kind of roleplay they want to go for, but they’re filling out the framework in a way that I dislike. Like a toddler that is using the wrong color of crayons on a coloring stencil, while also coloring outside of the lines. I get the idea and will applaud the effort, but they’re still incompetent at it.

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Then move this thread under roleplay topic, not crime /punishment

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C&P is the only place that this sort of discussion is tolerated.

No such thing.

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Do these guys need FCs?