A Question About A Third Party Application

Is it against the EULA to develop and app that would track the movements of the pilots of a corporation via the Map?

Such an app would ping the user end of the app with the location of each of the members of the corporation every so many minutes.

No, assuming when they login to your app they know that will happen (which they will since they will have to accept the read location scope).

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So such an app wouldn’t violate the EULA then?

Nope. Although i’d make it clear what it does. i.e. consider the case where someone random not in your corporation logs in and doesn’t pay attention to what scopes you are requesting/what your app does. You would now be able to track their location. But as a private your corp only tool, there shouldn’t be any issue in it.


Developer acknowledges and agrees that no Application shall be used (a) to inject, deliver, or activate malware, worms, Trojan horses, or other bugs, (b) as a means of phishing or spamming, © as a means of tracking Player information or Player activity without the express knowledge and consent of such Player, (d) as a means to misappropriate a Player’s in-game items or other information, or to otherwise cheat, scam, or defraud Players who subscribe to the Application.

Do be very cautious here, if they forget and move out of your corporation, you should stop tracking them.

If you do something malicious with the information you gain, there may be repercussions.

As stated above, make it very clear to the user what you collect and why to avoid gray areas.

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The information that would be collected would not be based on my corporation membership nor a neutral user.

The user would be able to track another corporations members using a graphic interface that would show the current location of the corporation members being tracked as well as when they jump into a new system.

A limit to its use would be only three corporations at a time could be tracked.

I am not sure this can be definitively answered without knowing how the information is gathered by the application.

Gathering information from the API without a player being informed of and consenting to what you’ll do with it would certainly be against the rules. Automating the collection of information could be against the rules as well, though tools do exist that allow for tracking of hostiles in a visual way. These tools do not, that I know of, identify any specific person, however, and collect their information from reports that are manually sent by actual people via the in game chat system.

To confirm again. The application would be ok IF you make it explicitly clear what information you are gathering, what the site does, and what you will be doing. If the player knows and consents (logs into your app) to what you want. Then you are in the clear in terms of the developers agreement license.

You would be in hot water if you didn’t tell them and other people could track them without them knowing.

What is the intent of tracking these corp members and providing location to a third party?

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