A Request for Guidance from the Throne

If I may interject before any Imperial authority deigns to offer their insight to this matter; the most obvious and expedient solution is to transfer the structure to an indeprndent or jointly controlled holding entity that can guarantee that it will be used only in the interests of anti-Triglavian action going forward.

I am fully in agreement that Electus Matari’s ownership of Smokey is wholly inappropriate in the context of pro-EDENCOM operations as they are not a body fully dedicated to that cause, with their own mallicious intent towards at least one partner nation to the military pact. I pray the interested parties will negotiate a suitable solution to this matter.


Such solutions have actually been discussed, though no concrete solution preferrable to the parties involved has been arrived to yet.

In addition to a neutral holding corporation, another approach to neutrality regarding the holder of the station that has been proposed is rotating control (and fueling and emergency gunner responsibility, which EM currently handles) between Lux Invicta signatories.

Sadly, there are few technical solutions available to capsuleers that will guarantee that someone with access will not simply grab control for themselves, without handing ultimate control to someone.


Whilst I haven’t spoken to Ms. Edios about this, wouldn’t PNS be considered a sufficiently neutral party to hold control of the beachhead for extended periods of time without ruffling feathers?

You should probably talk to Captain Edios about that. One would not presume to speak for PNS on the matter.

I have to admit I always did expect the choice of providing the upkeep of a station free of charge to an international co-op to be controversial. I am somewhat surprised that the questioning is about the Amarrians letting us provide that service, rather than us agreeing to do it.

Be it either way, we have done nothing shady and the whole operation is quite above-board and in line with our respective nations’ support of Edencom. My part in this thread was merely to provide information to the benefit of whoever in the Empire will handle this request for clarification. I answered Lord Newelle’s comment because it in fact raised ideas that have already been on the table - but I did not do that to make management of a non-public station a matter for public debate or decision-making. We are not accountable on this to outsiders.

If Lux Invicta parties are unsatisfied with how the station is managed or wish to take a more active role in its management, they are welcome to discuss that via appropriate channels. Other Edencom supporters can also of course always contact us should they wish to benefit from our efforts in Pochven or lend a hand in them.


You’re a capsuleer. If you want it dead, go kill it. You haven’t publicly whined for permission from the Throne the other times you’ve done it, so it seems rather odd that you suddenly feel the need for it now.

Unless of course it’s got nothing to do with that, but instead this is just another public whinge about your allies not having the same priorities as you when it comes to how they choose to serve the Empire, or which enemies they prioritize above others.

Whinge less, take more action. If you have faith in your righteousness and your cause, that should be more than sufficient justification. If you are so insecure in your stance and path that you need to publicly whine for validation, perhaps it’s time to retire and rethink your life. Just trying to run a public “you’re doing it wrong” campaign against allies doesn’t tend to have the kind of result you seem to be seeking.

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A more generous interpretation is that they in fact know or at least suspect that attacking the last Edencom station in Pochven would in fact not have the Throne’s blessing, and seek to clarify that beforehand rather than when it is too late.


No, because PNS and its members have taken anti-Imperial stances and actions in the past, most notably during the Thebeka Rebellion and in the militia warzone.

A suitably neutral entity or individual would be the preferred holder of the outpost.


You have always had a more generous take on these people than I have. I can’t exactly say I understand why, given their careers and post history, but here we are.


With due respect, Newelle; you have had the chance to be part of the co-op whose preferences matter. You have chosen and continue to choose otherwise. You are an outsider to the issue, and only you have the power to change that.

Job description, training for there-of, and heritage.

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There is a kernel of truth to that sentiment, though not in the manner you present; should others act as we consider quite likely, as should be unthinkable– we would have them do so full-sighted, without the ambiguity that has anchored every tired excuse for this odious nonsense.


Then we can only hope that your estemeed Empress will bless us with a clear statement on whether or not international co-operation in the defense of pro-Edencom operations in one hand, and attacking those operations in the other, are permissible within the Amarr Faith, before anyone causes permanent harm to their immortal soul.

As the Amarr Empire has been clear in its continued support of Edencom thus far, I find the question quite bizarre myself, but of course I am not privy to the great machinations of the God’s Chosen.

I doubt you’re so foolish; it is bizarre only if one accepts, as you know full well not everyone does, the conflation of EDENCOM with the soup of unreliable capsuleers who distill their illusory legitimacy from it.


It is always amusing to see appeals for action over words from people with combat records such as yours, especially in the context of offering us advice about how we should stop whining and simply kill things that we want dead. The only truly remarkable thing about your opinion is that you managed to work the words “whinge” and “whine” in almost every sentence. With that in mind, please do conclude your hypocritical chirping. While the greeting of this communique does indeed contain the word “servant”, I ensure you that this request was not directed at you, and thus we are not overly concerned with your perspective on this matter.

Rather than stand on empty words, CTRLV stands on its record. As is evidenced by the Minmatar staging structure in Dal that is currently in hull, structures that support the enemies of the Empire will burn, and it is CTRLV that will set them ablaze. If the Throne wishes an exception to be made in this matter, I am confident that we will be informed. In the absence of such council, this EM structure will simply join the others on the pyre.


You are referring to having successfully seen through some of the largest wars and campaigns capsuleerdom have ever known, making the warzone look like a puddle next to an ocean, I guess?

I am not assaulting your record. I am questioning the solidity of your fervor, your foundation and your motives. Most of all, I question the efficacy of your chosen means to effect your ulterior motives. This has been a recurring theme with you lot for a while now. A fairly clear view of how you want your side’s various entities to conduct themselves in the conflict, and frankly shooting yourself in the foot trying to realize that vision.

All you’re doing is alienating each other.

Of course, by all means, continue to do so. Few things make me happier than seeing Amarr eat itself, trying to establish themselves above each other.


So what’s your time limit? Plenty of fleets going on in Pochven at the moment, I’m sure they’d be interested to know.

Even if you don’t intend to actually remove the structure, I’ve found poking it is a good way to summon angry swarms of ships filled with Matari loyalists to shoot at.


Incredibly amusing to see their angry little swarm wake up~!

don’t forget to show both sides of the coin. what they won’t show you

In war there are always casualties. Your count is still significantly higher.

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