A request to LDPS to reveal findings on Intaki V

Mme des Larmes,

I do hope you are less quick to take offence than Ms. Kim, because by reason of my profession I take especial exception to the activities of CODE, and my reputation would suffer as much from losing a duel to Ms. Kim as from winning it fighting alongside the likes of yourself.

Given Ms. Kim’s access to infomorph technology, there is no loss to either of us by her fighting us in succession.

You say supervision, I say occupation, she says filthy mouth.

The wonders of irregular verbs.

Ms. Kim,

Given that you still have given no indication that your concern for the goings-on in the Intaki system extends beyond internal Caldari politics, to include the welfare of my people under Caldari occupation, it will be my pleasure to give you satisfaction. I choose frigate-class as the weapon. I will have my second contact you privately to agree a neutral location.

No, each of you will have to reply for each of your slanders separately, since you bring two different groundless accusations against my person.

And the challenge issued does not related to civilians to protect in any case. It is answer on your personal behavior.

Speaks the woman who at the beginning of this thread made the groundless accusations of medical experimentation on Intaki V. When do you answer on your personal behavior, pilot Kim? If this is the representation one can expect from someone speaking in support of Lai Dai, I can see now why they sack monasteries and medical facilities.

I accept your choice of weapon and will be waiting for the contact.

As for internal Caldari politics, I would like to disagree with this. In this case I am worried not only about well-being of the State as a whole, but also our cluster, since the repeating of Kuvakei’s story is a security threat for everyone. If Ishukone with Federation indeed use Intaki for the development of zombified or TCMC-ed soldiers under pretense of some sort of religious cult and medical research, it’s in all our best interest to help Lai Dai to deal with this issue while it is localized to one world.

Report says that medical research facilities were raided. Experimentation is the main and integral part of any professional research. And since it is medical research, obvious the experimentation is medical in its nature. Please be so kind to consult a teacher before running your mouth again, thank you in advance!

If I did indeed something illegal, I would undoubtfully present myself to court-martial - because for Caldari Officer it is dishonorable staying as a suspect when you can clean your honor either by proving an innocence or taking punishment for misdeed, but since looks like you’re only running your mouth and barking propaganda on public (instead of bringing a formal accusation through proper channels), it doesn’t look like there will be a reason or necessity for that.

And have a nice day.

If any of what your say is true about your associations with the megacorps of the State I’ll gladly suggest ‘libel’ be added to the growing list of offenses committed by Lai Dai and their… colleagues… when the legal proceedings go through.

Have a day, pilot Kim.

That makes little sense. Would you dare to blame me in libel or Lai Dai? And which exact libel then?

Just. Ignore. Her.

Seriously, you will live happier, more fulfilling lives without the furious squeaking of mice like her.


It appears by your own metric that we are much the same, Ms Kim. I wonder if the people of Intaki have considered bringing a libel case against you and, if so, how you would go about duelling yourself?

By traitors I assumed I-RED pilots with their treason being proven multiple times already elsewhere. So, technically, they have nothing to blame me in.

I-RED could - if they think they will be able protect their reputation, and for that I will gladly present one more times again the evidences, which I have plenty. However, for that they should agree to accept responsibility for treason if they will lose the trial.

You see, CODE, I am different from you. I have honor and evidences on my hands to my words. I will stand to protect my words in the court of law (tribunal) or honor (in duel) - which you still haven’t accepted, it seems.

I agree, I am unlike you for multiple reasons.

Firstly, I do not have to prove my honour - I know that my word is good. I would never be found pledging my allegiance to one group but also pledge to serve someone they consider to be a terrorist, for instance.

Secondly, when I speak I provide my evidence. You may not agree with it, but it is there. I would never blanket a whole alliance - or many different alliances, for that matter - with accusations that are unevidenced and, in the most part, unfounded.

Thirdly, I care about people, not politics. I police those who are exploiting the resources the everyday man or woman planetside need to live. My first thought when hearing the news of Intaki V was ‘What has happened to the civilian population?’, not ‘When can I get hold of all that information that will surely prove my own worldview as correct?’.

To some of you this may sound rich coming from an Agent of the New Order but I honestly pity you, Ms Kim, as you are overwhelmingly ruled by violence, hatred and anger. Instead of dueling or any other pointless endeavour, I would suggest doing something useful like being a humanitarian presence on the ground or preventing the likes of Lai Dai from killing innocent civilians as a part of their political power plays.

Would you like to drink some tea?

The rest of reply goes Off-Topic Thread vol. 2 here for lack of relevance to the discussion.

And I spoke carelessly. You have given me sufficient reason to believe that you submit to the discipline of your employer wholly voluntarily. Please accept my sincere apology.

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A reminder to all that the bounty for the desecration of Intaki Three Color Paintings as collective punishment for the Intaki people’s crimes against the Khanid Kingdom remains in effect. The current turmoil on Intaki presents an excellent opportunity to gain access to otherwise inaccessible paintings — paintings that need to be desecrated with a Fourth Color.

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Amusing. Not sure if it is helpful, offensive or damaging in any way. Just amusing.

However, what you did bring up in light and what I have discussed with Ms. Vynneve, who mentioned that there might be Khanid involvement, made me realize that there indeed could be one more factor in the problem.

So far I have considered only these ‘ingridients’:

  1. Federals, who are known to torture people and prisoners, genocide peaceful colonists, etc.
  2. Ishukone, who is known to create Transcranial Microcontrollers (TCMC)
  3. Infamous capsuleer traitors, who claim they’re working or worked for Ishukone.
  4. Choice of target: medical research facility.

And that alone makes quite a troublesome mix.

Then next point:
5) Choice of target: monasteries or cult places.

This part was really confusing, as I don’t really know myself a lot about cults, but what I know is that Caldari do respect other people beliefs, and I only hypothised that it could be used just as a cover for previous 4 points. But then thanks to you and @Valerie_Vynneve I’ve realized that there are also:

  1. Intaki criminal cultists (murderers and freedom fanatics), who attacked civilian targets in Khanid space.
  2. Use of viral agents by same cultists.

Now it becomes even more clear whom Lai Dai has to deal with and why would they attack facilities that could be viewed as civilian, and could be definitely used by these criminal groups.

I wish the best of luck to Lai Dai in extermination of these criminals and would like to provide military support if that will be needed.

– D. Kim, Strike Cmdr.

May I suggest that this is becoming more clear because you are searching for justification and finding it? All we know is that Lai Dai have attacked civilian facilities - everything else is speculation at best and, at worst, propaganda.

May I suggest that, before we are concerned about the reputation of the megacorps that we focus on the innocent non-capsuleers caught up in this? Or are they just ‘collateral damage’ or ‘terrorist sympathisers’ or whatever else buzzwords Ms Kim feels like using today?

Look, we are not monsters like gallenteans, who would just slaughters colonists because they’re Caldari to repopulate colony with Gallentes.

When Lai Dai attacks a facility that seemingly civilian - it’s clearly not civilian. For example, if your commander will order you to shoot a transport full of black eagles or FIO agents that would look civilian, would you?

On the other hand… whom I am asking in the first place? Weren’t you with CODE, who just attacks and destroys civilian industrial ships all over the place? If anyone has earned any merit to accuse anyone in attacks on civilians, that’s certainly not you.

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