A small improvement to power diagnostics

It would make sense for power diagnostics to have double insulator as all electric tools :grin:
What I’m talking about is some resistance to power drain and neutralizing like the batteries which are on the medium slots power diagnostic is on the small .


sure … lets see what they actual can :

  • increase PWG !
  • increase Cap !
  • increase Cap Regen !
  • Increase Shield HP !
  • Increase Shield Regen !

and you want them to have added :

  • Capacitor Warfare Resistance

why not adding CPU upgrade and ECM, Scan Resolution, Targeting range, agiliy , velocity, damage to all damagetypes, RoF bonus … and so on

They are not popular especially for PVP

I wonder why noone seems to have have made a tierlist for EVE online modules. OPs idea would probably bring Power Diagnistic System from F tier to A or something.

At this moment the power diagnostics are used for PVE especially for ships that use Shields and active tanking

Well they are somewhat good for passive shield fit once you lack the cap to use more power relays.
For specific usage, they are less impactful than specific modules, which makes sense ^^

Let’s compare the effect


  • reactor gives +15%,
  • PD +6%
    a reactor is 2.4 times as efficient.

passive HP rep :

  • flux coil gives /0.7 fom rate, but ×0.85 from HP so +21.4%
  • PD gives /0.915 from rate, ×1.05 from HP so +14.75%
    a flux coil is 1.41 times as efficient for rep, but loses 15% of shield HP.

cap :

  • cap power relay gives/0.76 from cap rate so +31.2% but reduces shield boost
  • PD gives +5% cap and /0.915 rate so +14.75%
    a cap PR is 2 times as effective as a PD but reduces shield boost.

basically if two of those are important, you can go with PD but otherwise you should go with specific (unless the drawback hurts, eg shield boost from cap power relay)

Also for small ships MAPC is WAY better for PG (flat value), which may explain why it’s more prevalent in PVP. A MAPC opens a lot more possibilities than a PD, or a reactor.

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Hardening the capacitor to cap warfare along with the other bonuses does actually make sense (cap batteries do the same thing.) It probably wont make it much more popular in pvp (since low slots are useful for damage mods) but there might be a few niche builds that would include it.

No it doesnt ! it has 5 different boni and you want to add 1 more … would make this item a very powerful item ! and it has a use for PvP ! very spezific but also very powerful on this specific use

Aren’t we being told over and over again that everything in EVE is PvP? And I can assure you that Power Diagnostics are used widely for max-EHP shieldfits (travelfits, baitfits) to make ganks more costly and give a bait more time to survive until reinforcements arrive.

They are also used in Shield Doctrines when only small amounts of PG are missing to make a fit work. These could be provided by a PD in which case all the other Boni it has are very welcome. ShieldCurse in larger gangs comes to my mind, I do desperately need every shield HP I can get because I will be primary and the boni to cap and PG do suit me very well when running multiple medium neuts.

Not everything in this game needs to be optimized for the solo 1v1 pilot. I don’t think a small cap resistance warfare bonus would hurt the balance at all, but it is also not really needed to make the module useful, because it already is.


You’re just arguing a matter of balance. I suppose if ccp were to nerf the numbers (or just replace the pg,) and give the extra stat, it might make more sense to just create a new module for that purpose.

I do think it could be fun to have a module like this have scripts. We usually only see that on electronics modules, but it could be interesting to see a scripted engineering module. Though, I suppose that would also make it an active module.

if CCP nerf the numbers then it would be a useless module oO …

why ? its a module where you get a small ammount of PWG ! and if a reactor would be to much you could use the power diagnostic and youve got some cap and shield boni !

way more useful then add a 6th bonus to the power diagnostic ! but still i dont see anything useful for a low slot module with cap warefare resistance !

an ingenerring module with scritps ? … so… you have a fit which needs more PWG and you use the PWG script but then you decide after you undock you want to have the shield boni … now you loose a module because you dont have enough PWG left … → not a good idea !

You are proposing a new module then.
PD is here for bots finding partitions a small increase over the board.

This is different from making “a small improvement” , which is what giving it a small bonus to energy warfare is.

IMO you may instead have cap batteries be scripted, with an active bonus being taken as a part of their existing bonus, like 30% of their cap bonus and warfare bonus, and the script doubling one and setting the other to 0. This would mostly be power creep though.

Yeah it would have to be play tested.

Yeah, it’s the same idea. Any of those engineering modules with multiple stats are a prime place to play around with scripts. I initially thought the scripts would mean the module would need to be active, but that’s not necessarily the case.

You’re the one who said it was too op with the extra cap warfare bonus.

If it’s a useless stat, then it doesn’t matter if it’s added to the current power diagnostics module.

Your argument is not consistent at all.

yes it is ! if you add more and more boni to a module it will get more powerful !

this does not make sense xD if its a useless stat then its better not to use developement time to implement useless ■■■■ …

at least i come with arguments ! youre only argument is :

I didn’t say it was useless, you’re the one who said it was useless. I was just showing how your argument isn’t consistent. Which basically means you don’t have an argument.

then tell us where youre arguments are :wink: if my quote isnt even “your” argument then you dont even bring at least one … xD

My initial argument was it would make sense to add the bonus to PG modules because cap batteries do the same thing. This is mostly a lore argument.

The bit about the scripts was me just having fun theory crafting.

thats not an argument ! thats just called “Opinion” … mabe you need at first to understand the difference !

an argument were if you would tell a reason why it would make sense …

Can you not read?

then you didnt even have a valid reason !

btw … cap batteries and power diagnostics dont do the same things ! one module is to increase your capacitor and as bonus you have some cap warfare resistance …
the other module has 5 different boni ( dont want to write it down AGAIN ) and you want to have them to add a 6th boni … your argument is not an argument its just an opinion because YOU want to have it !
and you didnt even said why this would be an improvement !