Please fix Faction Shield Power Relay

The faction Shield Power Relay isn’t good enough compared to T1 modules.

Caldari Navy Shield Power Relay gives a -26% recharge rate bonus compared to i.e. -22% from a Type-D Restrained Shield Power Relay.

On the other hand the capacitor recharge rate penalty (which is called a bonus in the attribute making it confusing) is -30% for the faction module compared to a -20% only for the Type-D, meaning that the T1 module has 10% less cap recharge penalty for only 4% less shield recharge compared to the faction module.

Basically, unless you hardly need your capacitor at all, the Type-D t1 module gives overall better stats than the faction one.

CCP please improve the faction module, as it is it’s not good enough.

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Thats the whole point.

You get more sheild recharge, but a bigger penalty.

And yes, passive sheild recharge means you wont be using active shield recharge, which is the point of the module to begin with. it is to prevent you from using both and getting the benefit of both. So if youre using passive sheild recharge, then you shouldnt need capacitor.

T2 version offers 25% and 35%. Which means that the caldari navy version offers better in both aspects. Again, makes sense.

Obviously you go either passive or active tank and not both, but you can still need cap for other stuff like propulsion, turrets, etc. and the difference in penalty with the t1 module is just too much for the 4% more shield recharge.

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Thats your opinion. But again, some people will think its worth the extra 4% increase to sheild recharge because they have plenty of cap. Its not a bug or a problem.

If you think its not worth it, dont use the caldari or T2 version. Caldari version is still better than the T2 which makes sense.

The thing is, both the faction module and the T2 module have been calibrated over the Mark I T1 module and they’re both an improvement on it in the direction of a “I don’t need my cap” situation.
The Type-D module, on the other hand, is a compromise for fits where you still need your capacitor but also need shield recharge.
There’s no better version of that. Maybe add more faction modules variations?
In a fit where you use lasers + propulsion cap heavy modules and opt for a passive shield tank to avoid making your cap situation worse, there’s no improvement over the Type-D t1 module, and it sucks to run a T1 module on a blinky ship just because CCP didn’t bother to add more faction options.

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You do realize that you can keep saying this ad infinitum, right.

You can always conceive of a better version of a module. So even if CCP did add a Faction Shiled Power Relay that added 24% recharge and only 22% cap, you can always say “Theres no better version of that. Maybe add even more faction modulle variations?”

What a stupid thing to ask CCP for.

Not sure why you would use lasers with shield, as amarr ships are armor tanked. But thats your problem. You chose a ship with turrets that are Cap-hungry and chose to passive shield tank it. Maybe use projectile ships?

And im not sure why it sucks to run a T1 module on a blingy ship. I use them all the time, because sometimes the restrained versions use far less CPU and PGU, and therefore are a better fit.

Your point isn’t quite there. If there were faction modules to improve on the t1 “cap easy” version, sure, it would be silly to ask,. That isn’t the case. This module has 1 faction version compared to most modules having plenty of faction/deepspace/officer versions. The choice here is very limited hence the request for more variety is quite reasonable.

As for laser ships, there are shield tanked ships like Nightmare or maybe even a Praxis and not just Amarr ships.

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Again, the Compact T1 versions disprove your argument here.

Compact modules are T1. But they offer better fitting and CPU/PGU. In most cases, there are no faction versions that offer better fitting choices, even though they may be lower than the T2 versions.

It has 2. Basic and Caldari navy. 1-2 faction variants is normal for a lot of modules, like the tracking disruptor. Are you saying that all modules that have only 1 or 2 faction variants should all have 5-10?

Praxis can fit any weapon, so no. As for the Nightmare, again, no. Its still your problem. You chose a ship that uses weapons that are cap hungry and chose to passive shield tank it. Again, use a projectile ship or live with the T1 option.

Instead of just writing “capacitor recharge rate: -30%” they think of that as a bonus. :psyccp::psyccp::psyccp:

If they do such things, no wonder that modules are unbalanced.

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Modules like the T1 D-type etc. can’t have large cap or fitting penalties because the people that actually use them do so because they do not have the cap skills to use the better ones. New players and alphas.

It’s important to remember that these modules don’t have diminishing returns. If you are fitting one of these, you’re probably doing it wrong. And if you are fitting more than one… your cap is screwed regardless. Basically, you are focusing on the wrong stat for these modules.

Let’s say your base peak shield recharge rate is 100hp/s, and you decide to put 6 shield power relays in the lows (rattler layout):
100 * 1.26^6 = 400
100 * 1.22^6 = 330

So after using 6 the faction version gives 21% higher shield recharge than the other.

Still think it’s worse?

Gotta agree with the OP.

In fact, most of the Faction and Storyline modules in this game need to have their attributes buffed to put their performance level above T2 modules. That would make their attributes balanced with their current fitting cost.

Then the Tech II buffs will start crying that their mods need to be buffed.
Been there, seen that, don’t really see the issue with the current stats.

Then you have no clue because Faction and Storyline modules are suppose to be better than T2 modules which in turn are suppose to be better than T1 modules.

Well, if most of them need to be buffed, then I’d say you are probably missing the point that faction mods are supposed to be easier to fit for their performance, but Tech II is generally better for what they do but are far harder to fit. That is why faction frequently costs so much more.

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