A stupid question

I know that this is a stupid question, but how do i get energy weapon crystals?Do i buy them off the market? If so, then under what category?

You’ll buy them off the market, usually, unless you purchase a blueprint and make your own or loot them off hostile NPCs.

On the market, they’ll be under the Ammunition & Charges folder, under the Frequency Crystals subfolder. Click the gear-shaped icon in the Market window and set it to display all the buy and sell orders in your region, because there might not be any crystals being sold at the exact station you’re in at the time.

Don’t bother with categories. It is easier to use the search function’s text box. Simply type in “Multifrequ”, “Gamma”, “Xray”, “Conflag”, “Scorch”, “Aurora”, “Gleam” or “Radio” and you find the crystals. This is so much easier than trying to navigate the categories.

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