A suggestion on how the Imperial Navy might assist EDENCOM

Today, well, actually several days ago, I had a thought, about how EDENCOM might facilitate the evacuation of the planets now under the threat of the Triglavian occupation.

Somewhere in the Imperial Navy archives, there will be the design drawings and specifications of the atmospheric-capable slave barges that the Amarr Empire used during the Day of Darkness and other incidents, to take extremely large numbers of people off planetary surfaces.

My thought was that these barge designs, updated to mount warp drives etc. could be released to the capsuleer market, allowing the large capsuleer shipbuilding industry to be used to rapidly create the kind of heavylift planetary evacuation capability needed to rescue the stranded populations of e.g. the planets in Vale.

Perhaps Marshal Valkanir might offer her thoughts on this suggestion ?


According to the Scope, Excoriator and Auspex Class Slaver Ships were used on Floseswin. I think these vessels should be used to remove people from the two Minmatar systems lost to the Triglavians. Perhaps nine generations from now, some liberal Emperor will permit the descendants of those so removed to return to those systems, or make other decisions that free people are allowed to make.

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