A thank you to the Eve Online community

(had an issue with the upload but it stands as it is audio should be fine, if you watch it you hopefully understand why I can’t put myself through redoing it)

We played EVE Online until 2015 when my wife’s illness began to enter the end stages and she died in November 2018.

This community helped make Paola smile on days she had no reason too.

Paola’s favourite birthday was in 2014 when European Goonion staged a battle royal at the sun, Paola was both crying and laughing that night.

I logged back in today for the first time in 4 years.

I now spend my life online, streaming games and living in that way because for those hours I am streaming or recording bad videos I survive.

Thank you all, those that interacted with us over the years never knew the difference they were making to an amazing woman given a death sentence 21 years ago.

Jason (Quebber)


All the best and hope the surviving turns into thriving for you instead.


Gaming is an escape mechanism, it transports you to a different world with different options where you can make different choices. We all need our form of escapism, some more than others.

I hope you’ll figure out a way to find enjoyment in life again.


lol, I do work with mechanics, and they do take care of the machinery that i do work on for my safety and for the safety of others.
If and when the machine I work on fails, I do have to report it to the nearest administrative powers that be, who report it to this mechanic, so that he can verify the problem, and find the best solution to remedy the problem, if there is a problem…

As for the escape part, that only works if you are trapped in some ways from something which you need to escape from.

If you are not, gaming can be a good tool to learn and practice and increase your skills, such as in sport, and the practice you may have to go to twice a week at 2 to 4 hours per day, to practice to get ready for tournaments, where you can test your gaming skills with other competitors under specific rules which may change every year and with paid for referee to judge the games or tournament games.

One may say to escape earth’s gravity, another may say that it is the required way to reach space. (…a good example for that, is the term, escape velocity, which doesn’t take potential energy and mass and kinetic energy and dynamic mass.)
Additionally, even though it’s possible to use the ISS as a launching platform for space, it would be easier to use the moon as a launching station for space since it does not require the energy to orbit and that the energy on the moon can be used to build space ships on site.

On the other hand, if you try to make money by catching people or have them imprisoned so that you can do what you want, then, yes, gaming may be an escape mechanism, if you designed the game to be an escape mechanism for them.
It’s like saying, because we are all slaves to sin, we much escape with game mechanism instead of solving the problem in a more mature and efficient way.
For that purpose , gaming in and of itself will not solve the problem, and it will instead aggravate it.
Positive parts of gaming which can be achieve while gaming , even though that they will not be achieved by gaming in and of itself, can be used to overcome the obstacle, but only if done with proper control and not to excess.
Excess in those terms is something that depends on the conditions and individuals.
Promotions for it may also be negative depending on the organisms involved and their conditions, as well as the game, mechanisms, or processes.

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