A thought of PI

I have connected my factories to a storage unit and then fruther to a launchpad. I then route all the materials to pass through a storage and into the launcher. But apperently whence the launchpad is full, the PI will continue manufacture and then just destroy items manufactured cause the launchpad is full.
(or I was just lucky to catch it just before it happend) Either way everything was blinking red.

Which I find very confusing and wrong.

So the lack of a function here, as I thought it would work. As the products bypass a storage-unit, once the launchpad was full. The factories would start filling up the storage unit insted.

So this is my suggestion:

Add a function, that if you set it up like written above. So you can link the storage unit’s, in a manner that they will fill up one by one.

PI is not intended to be a completely passive income stream (get some research agents if you want that) . You can calculate how long to run your programs before your storage fills up and you need to harvest. PI is also not intended to be an unlimited resource - without an element of scarcity it would have no value on the market.

The factories have a 1 cycle buffer for input material, no storage for output. They won’t help. You could add additional storage units but they use cpu & power so less production.

You get to play with the numbers and decide how to setup your colony within the limitations imposed by the game - that’s part of the game.

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Or you could login more often and play.


Yes I allready do that, but I don’t see how it turns into a completely passive income, for me just beeing able to store goods. I still can only launch of 10km3 every 8 hours, unless I have more launchers, but then I produce less so it doesn’t really matter.

I have about 2-5 hours in total over a entire week to spend in EVE. So that’s an impossability. :slight_smile:

-1 for not having a real life.

Your real life is not a design criteria. If you don’t play as much you won’t earn as much.

But this function doens’t increase or decrease my isk/h ratio. So what’s your point then?

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