A Thread Of Kind Words

(Kalaratiri) #103

I don’t always like you, but I respect your dedication to your ideals, and the way you have with words.

(Mizhir) #104

Your posts often put a smile on my lips. Especially the one where you commented on ‘your’ cup size in the Republic Firetail holoshow.

(Lasairiona Raske) #105

You’re really lovely to talk to. I look forward to your visits to L’Amore :slight_smile:

(Andreus Ixiris) #106

You’ve got most excellent fashion sense. I bet you could cobble something together from bits of string and sackcloth and still make it look stunning.

(Valerie Valate) #107

Andreus is quite flexible in several ways.

(Aria Jenneth) #108

You’re probably the least-horrible Sani Sabik practitioner I’ve run into.

Off-Topic Thread
(Andreus Ixiris) #109

The correctness of your ideas is not always beyond doubt, but unlike a lot of your contemporaries, you’ve never had an uninteresting one.

(Templar Thal Vadam) #110

I like your tattoos. I don’t know you very well but from what I see of those, I approve

(Halcyon Ember) #111

You’re so very polite.

(Jev North) #112

You are gracious and bold as a martial artist and host.

(Templar Thal Vadam) #113

I have never had an unpleasant conversation with you. You are quite fun to talk to.

(Andreus Ixiris) #114

You’ve got great hair. For some strange reason, I can never get my hair to go like that.

(John Revenent) #115

I think with everything that has happened over all these years, I can still call you a friend.

(Synthetic Cultist) #116

John Revenent is a Solid role Model of a Caldari

(Andreus Ixiris) #117

(post withdrawn by author, will be automatically deleted in 24 hours unless flagged)

(Omega Jovakko) #118

I love how well you take care of your hair, it couldn’t possibly be that easy to look as good as you do

(Toroko Shiyurida) #119

You’ve a certain enthusiasm about you, it is also mingled with a refreshing dose of politeness.

(Mizhara Del'thul) #120

You appear to be fairly well focused on - as far as capsuleers go - non-violent pursuits. It’s a rarity, and depending on intent even admirable.

(Ioannis Sepphiros) #121

It is rare to find someone who stays by their beliefs and ethics, understanding the meaning of what responsibility is and facing it head on with courage and determination , come what may.

This is a trait of a powerful personality to say the least and I wish you the best.

(Aradina Varren) #123

You don’t use sockpuppets, making it easier to block you.