"A Timeless Journey in the Ever-Evolving Universe of EVE Online"

As a seasoned capsuleer who first set foot in New Eden back in 2008, I’ve witnessed the magnificent evolution of EVE Online over the years. Recently, I decided to embark on a fresh adventure, creating a new character and delving once more into the boundless expanse of space. What I discovered reaffirmed my belief in the greatness of this game.

The new player experience in EVE Online has undergone a remarkable transformation. From the moment I entered New Eden anew, I was greeted with an exceptional introduction tailored specifically for new capsuleers. The wealth of information and guidance provided ensures that newcomers are equipped with everything they need to navigate the complexities of this breathtaking universe. It’s heartening to see how CCP Games has dedicated themselves to enhancing the onboarding process, making it more accessible and engaging than ever before.

Reflecting on my journey through the stars, I am awestruck by how much EVE Online has flourished. The continuous updates and improvements over the years have shaped it into a masterpiece of immersive gameplay and boundless exploration. Whether you’re a fresh-faced recruit eager to set foot in uncharted territories, a returning veteran seeking to rediscover the thrill of spacefaring, or a seasoned pilot yearning to return to the fray, there has never been a better time to join the ranks of EVE.

CCP Games deserves commendation for their unwavering dedication to crafting an unparalleled gaming experience. Their commitment to innovation and player satisfaction is evident in every aspect of EVE Online. As I continue to chart my course among the stars, I am filled with excitement for the adventures that lie ahead, knowing that EVE will continue to captivate and inspire players for years to come.

In conclusion, whether you’re a newcomer, a returning player, or a seasoned veteran, I wholeheartedly recommend EVE Online. With its rich tapestry of gameplay mechanics, vast expanses to explore, and a vibrant community of fellow capsuleers, it truly is a galaxy worth experiencing. So, set your sights on the stars and embark on an unforgettable journey in the ever-evolving universe of EVE Online.


Ok Hilmar.


HA! What wealth of information? You mean all the important info found on internet websites that CCP forgot to put in the game information system?
It’s not CCP that ought to be commanded but all the people who worked on websites like EvE University, EvE Wiki, zKillboard and the makers of Pyfa.

The game is fine. I play everyday for a couple of hours just like I do most my other games.
Some time ago my son asked me what cool space games I think he should play. He’s more into Call of Duty and the likes. I really wanted to recommend EvE but I didn’t. For several reasons but mainly because I didn’t want my child to be caught into the rut of paying a monthly subscription for a game that will cause him grief.

Whatever you are smoking, please pass some of it over here.

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I’m not saying OP is right or wrong - but who among us has tried the new-player experience in the last few months?

I suggest that comments should be restricted to those who have gone through a new start; maybe we can avoid the normal useless comments from the ignorant.


I agree emphatically !

I have. Two months ago. It only shows how to do basic things in the game, mainly mining. The real tutorial is the Career Agents and the AIR Program complements. Beyond that it’s a search engine and web pages.

CCP Games deserves commendation for their unwavering dedication to try and break their only cash cow time and again, but without much in the way of consequences because they have an absolutely unique product without any competition.

Why would you restrict comments to this limited set of players for a period of time in EVE that represents not even 1% of your gameplay time? You should also remember that all of these awesome changes to the NPE came mostly from recommendations of seasoned players after CCP failed several times in improving the NPE based on new player advice.


It’s actually quite frustrating for an older player, as the NPE is very much ‘on a rail’ in terms of asking you to click this or that option or menu item. Which means that if you already know easier or better ways of doing things it will ignore those clicks and only accept the programmed ‘answer’. At least that was my experience last time I tried it. Which was accidental as I’d meant to ‘skip’ the NPE…but then found I couldn’t get out of it and had to wait for it to end.

It has been changed again, AWAY from “Mining Online”.

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I now regret sending CCP Burger that chatbot link.


Again? In two months? Then I’ll have to try it once more

I have and I know The mittani said he would give it a try after leaving goons . I’m sure many others have too

It’s a lot easier to start these days and isk came in fast.

We should all start a new character and join together every one from c&p

Who even asked for this?

a lot of the new playewr folks regularly roll up toons to remind themselves of what new players know and don’t know. myself included



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