A vpn to bypass this lag Ok?

as the title says, i may or more not have found i can use a vpn to stay connected and not lag, however someone told me this is bannable?

my guess is its fairly allowable at this point…but you’ll want to hear from official sources on that and that’s not likely to occur…

It’s not bannable at all, what might (however improbable) happen is that you get assigned an IP that was banned by CCP because of a previous user using that exact IP who got himself banned. The chance of this is hilariously small. Also CCP have stated that if this is the case a ticket will resolve it.

Would you use a VPN from China then it’s probably a “don’t ask, don’t tell” kind of thing.

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agreed fully

thank you guys, im glad to be flying again.

Not exactly. The bigger risk of ban from VPN (even the good ones, it’s not about getting assigned IP ranges that others have cheated on, or literally anyone with non-static IPs (most people) would risk the same thing normally), is that whatever automated account security system CCP uses sees IP changes from someone who historically logs in from the same location suddenly getting an out of country IP, and automatically banning for account security.

This has and will always be a risk. These bans can be overturned once you petition and they figure out its not a compromised account, but then you get to deal with CCP’s lovely support team. After axing so many of their support staff, and all of the reimbursement requests from the DDoS issues, you’re likely looking at a week+ to have such a ban overturned. Potentially much longer, as there seems to be no consistence on CCP’s ticket turnaround times. I had a BILLING ISSUE take 5 days to even get a response, FFS.

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One ticket solves that.

Read the rest. If you don’t mind waiting a week+ for support to get back to you just so you can maybe play NOW.

Just putting it out there but I am not running a VPN to run the game properly when I pay 15 dollars a month for 4 accounts to sub. It is pretty ridiculous that people are saying that this is a fix or that CCP is offering this as a solution because I have no interest in running a VPN as I will not be able to use other services on my computer while running it that are region locked. Thanks but no thanks. Please fix your game or give us a time frame that you believe it will be fixed in. I am currently unsubbing my accounts because in my opinion the lack of talking to the community is a sign that this is going to be a longer term problem they do not know how long it will take to fix. Also I am not paying for an MMO that does not have stable chat clients without the use of third party software.

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Pretty stupid things to say tbh. All this seems to be is you crying that you had to wait 5 days for a “billing issue” to be resolved. Boo bloody hoo…

or maybe if you didn’t lick windows, you’d realize the point is that billing issues are generally TOP PRIORITY tickets. If that took 5 days, how long do you think a false positive ban investigation is going to take? If only one had critical thinking skills…

I don’t lick them. They never taste as good as they used to.

See, “billing issues” are generally not “top priority” as much as they are “top requirements for thorough checks and verification” as replacing a blown-up ship/unblocking an IP addy is not governed by various financial regulations and/or regulatory bodies.
Additionally, so what it took 5 days? Honestly - so fkn what? You think that that is in any way the longest anyone has waited for a “non-specific and probably made up billing issue” to be sorted out? Do you think that 5 days is even a length of time worth commenting over? If you do you have clearly never had anything prior to that nor have you played any other game online provided by any other company. Ever.

I have heard of some successes regarding using a VPN and tunneling in through a different direction. Whether or not it is authorized please file a support ticket regarding it to get official confirmation.

As this answers your question I will go ahead and close this.

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