Banned players who come back... what's being done about it?

It’s all in the title.

Some changed for the better, and I wouldn’t want them to be banned again, but some are as bad (or turned worse since their return)

What’s the official CCP statement on this?


I’m pretty sure that avoiding a ban is a bannable offense. However, the problem becomes, how do you stop them? IP ban? If my father, at age 70, can figure out how to spoof his IP so he can watch blacked out sports games, it’s not that hard for others to do the same. So really, the best you can do is keep reporting and hope CCP agrees that it is the same person and keeps banning.


You can even spoof MAC addresses. It’s not quite as easy, but doesn’t require 3rd party services either.

What is the point in this thread? It is all covered in the EULA, CCPs stance on this.

If you are evading a ban, then you are subject to a perma-ban. IF you finished your temp ban and have no more infractions then you should be fine. If you had a temp ban and then get banned again, you could be subject to a perma ban.

This isnt rocket science.

With today’s ability to spoof IPs and such you can evade bans, but eventually it catches up with you. It is a constant battle for CCP or any game honestly, to keep up with the ever increasing number of low lifes that try to make gaming miserable for others.


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So why aren’t they enforcing it? Some of the offenders are pretty fecking obvious…oh wait they binned the community team and the ISD team can’t ban people, merely recommend it.

I can think of at least one poster who has been banned several times on several characters that still posts his inane bile all over the forums using alpha accounts.


ip bans and mac bans dont matter so much
the sp requirements are a pretty decent barrier for ban evasion so just biomass all their characters and assets on all their accounts and they probably wont be in a hurry to come back and be naughty again
this is also why i dont believe in giving botters a second chance because they can just move assets over to a new account with new ip and inject sp to keep botting

–Gadget sees what you did there

LOL could run forensic linguistics on the players to see if it matches banned players ^_^, although half of horde would be seen as the same toxic player.

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pfft I could find you 2 alts of a banned poster using the forum search function and about 5 words.


I really just ignore them and flag their posts and they will vanish. I mean there is no point in talking to them anyway.


I flag the insults, apparently a fair few others do too.

He needs a new shtick, the current one is no longer amusing; it’s old and worn out.


Also drac already shed some tears about it, so I think we are on the right track :smiley:

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There’s been rumors that CODE. has started purging their ■■■■ players. Seems like they’re doing a great job so far!

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