Potential ban for using 2 computers

Not sure where this belongs, so I’ll ask here.

So I live about 40 miles from my parents’ home. They’re in their 60s, and every few days, I go and visit them. If I play eve there and my home, could I get potentially banned under suspect of sharing accounts? I bring this up because I saw a post from a kid who got banned a few years ago, because he played eve in two places after his parents divorced. This flagged him as suspicious for account sharing. Not sure how it played out for him.

I’m asking ahead of time to avoid future issues.
Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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Flagging logic should be smarter than that. There’s a huge amount of people that plays from different places, yet we don’t see constant complains about being banned for this sort of thing on these forums and others. What they likely do is automatically check for how much time passes between logins from different locations, and the difference in physical distance. Logging in from one location, and then from 40 miles away 2 hours later is one thing. Logging in from one location, and then from a different country 2 minutes later is another. I think you’re safe.

Adding to the above solid logic:

There’s a good chance someone who got banned isn’t going to fess up to what he actually did but come up with a BS story, like the one you read. Not saying that is automatically the case but there’s a good chance.


Usually it’s not a reason to get banned. If you like you can contact support (F12 > help center) and ask them about it, same account, different IP’s, etc.

this :slight_smile:

In few cases observed I have seen that CCP wasnt even able to block account if someone from another country steals it and extracts all the SP to sell it on RMT market.

I think they completely ignore such cases like yours.

Maybe something changed, some dev would have to clarify, but they dont like to talk much about their security systems.

Also fairly recently someone was banned but shoudnt, after making a thread on reddit the dev clarified that it was CCP mistake. So they can do mistakes sometimes. If they ban you, you will have to reply to them with some form of complaint. Support ticket I think.

I got flagged as suspicious once. Emailed them that I use a vpn and they let me back in.

But I would wait till a CCP member responds.

I’m pretty sure server can tell whether login has been done from same PC or not in case of VPNs (launcher token and possibly some HW info that might be sent to server by launcher/client).

I changed my hard disk to an SSD and installed a later version of the operating system on it. First time I logged into Eve it emailed me asking me to confirm the new machine, which I did. Since then I’m able to log on to either old hard-drive or new SSD without further query. I’ve run on a different PC too, same result. The only difference with what the OP is talking about is that all my accesses are through the same IP (I have a fixed IP for historic reasons).

One thing to bear in mind is where that confirmatory email will turn-up - I have a fairly archaic email package on the old hard-disk variant, and the way I had my Eve addresses set up meant I had to log on to the old hard-disk in order to respond to the confirmation request, which then came from the wrong variant… I changed my Eve email to a gash gmail address which I can access via a browser on either variant, problem solved.

By ‘variant’ I mean that all the hardware except the storage media is the same, and I switch between them at boot-time using the BIOS ‘Boot’ page.

Just don’t share your account and you will be fine

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You think parents being divorced is a BS story? I thought it was pretty legit, which sparked my concern.

Thanks for the input, everyone

This shouldn’t come as a surprise but people who get busted doing something they shouldn’t be doing frequently lie.

Easy check on timestamps on logs, how fast can you travel between two places or overlap.

Just… no. For so many reasons. Remote desktops exist, VPNs exist, IP geolocation is rarely telling you a true and complete story.

If a company doesn’t want your business, they don’t want your business, move on.

What I’m saying is that the “check timestamps on logs hurr durr” thing you said is ■■■■■■■■ and incorrect. Nobody is doing that because it would be a preternaturally stupid thing to do because there are a ton of reasons ones geolocation as determined by IP can change faster than anyone could physically travel.

Nobody is getting banned for “account sharing” for playing in different places, and the guy the OP was talking about was almost certainly lying about the nature of his ban.

Read it again. Apply braincells, post conclusion.

I can tell you from a fact, you will be fine.

Normally I play from home (Netherlands) but for 6 months while doing an internship in the US I played on the laptop and never ever had any issue.

They likely will flag you if log in behavior is not logical (like moving from US to Europe or Auz within minutes

I actually live in two houses, sometimes one and sometimes the other for various reasons. I have only played at one so far but it would be great to know I could play at both.

As long as you’re not playing with both at the same time (!) I don’t think there would be a problem. If you’re unsure, submit a support ticket.