Account question

Hi, quick question.

Earlier today I created an account for my nephew on my eve client and he played for an hour or so on my system at my place to try the game out. He kept his interest so I removed his account from my client and downloaded a steam client on his laptop at his home for him and linked it to the account I made for him. He is alpha for now. Am I at a risk for getting banned if I login to my account because I created his on mine? I’m really unsure of how that works and don’t want to get banned.

Side question: Is there a mechanism to mark his account as a minor so if there is any problems the game devs know who to send a message to in order to do the adulting thing?

No you wont be banned for creating another account. Multiboxing with multiple accounts is encouraged by ccp

Risk of being banned would be if hes online same as you in your home. And hes an alpha while you are omega.

Age limit for playing eve is 13 though some have let younger kids play.

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