CCP Sold Out Banning Legit Players

(BlazinCannons) #1

So what GM’s respond once and wait 5-24 hrs to respond again after their screwed up mistake banning the wrong players that say I was hacked when I got a 2FA on my account you wanna unban me

(Bjorn Tyrson) #2

Posting on the forums won’t get your ticket seen any faster. And discussing moderation is against the rules.
If this is how you get after only 24 hours without your eve fix. Maybe you need the time away.

(BlazinCannons) #3

It isn’t my fault they accusing me of being a hacker or being hacked because I use a VPN when I have a 2FA

(Dread Saboteur) #4

You did something admit it

(Krysenth) #5

You realize this means it isnt JUST your eve account that was maliciously broken into, right? It also means YOUR EMAIL was also broken into, which gave them access to the 2FA necessary to log into EVE?

Also, bans like that are done so that you have time to verify everything else has been made secure, ie changing your damn passwords, without risking anything else being lifted off your account and liquidated.

(system) #6

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