Banned Players need flags on char accounts

Dear EVE,

Please like if you feel that CCP should make a ‘criminal record’ entry into char profiles for returning banned players.

It seems fellow players would benefit from seeing such warnings so that they may protect their corps from such convicts who may apply.

It may also help report botting if known previous offenders are highlighted alongside other suspect bots. Let’'s face it this is an amnesty on botting with players like GigX and your lovely in Corp cheap isk rmt dude remaining banned.

CCP never gave a hoot about botting just rmt. They could rob a billion $’'s from the players but 1 cent from CCP was ban worthy without redemption.

Anyway more transparency in game moderation please. Drain the swamp!

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Theres the full list so I cant be accused to hiding orr redacting information thats relevent;

Each entry is a different category;

1 harrassment of the person and characters
2 financial and in game wealth issues and use of software for such
3 racism
4 exploiting bugs
5 Misc as per list

CCP (and I imagine anyone not semantically nitpicking over the use of a “&”) considers botting for gain and RMT part of the same category of offense.


Also to be clear the CSM had a big part in this. Brisc Rubal admits he was a massive advocate for bringing the bots back.

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I doubt that is what is going to happen, traditionally CCP have painted all botters with the RMT brush; I don’t see them changing that.

Your “concerns” are nothing more than tinfoil millinery.





So you want to treat them differently to the rest of the players. If they are no longer banned then they have served their time. So they shouldn’t be flagged so they can be ostracised.

Help report botting? Unlikely people would just assume they’re botting even if they’re not. It’s up to CCP who they wish to ban or not, I’m sure they know what they’re doing.

So no, no and no.


Where is the information that verifies this?


If they get unbanned they should be free to rejoin the player base! No need to flag anyone.


But wouldn’t that be incentive for some people to violate the EULA? So that they could get the “badass rebel who plays by his own rules” flag.

It’s stuff like this why no one takes you seriously.

Yeah, some guy gets a 7-day time-out for saying he ■■■■■■ your mother, and now he’s a permanent criminal? What’s next? Making people who’ve ever expressed leaning conservative pay higher NPC station trading taxes?


His Meta Show from his own mouth, bringing back banned players was the result of a big push by himself & the CSM.

I didnt see it, and god forbid I EVER defend Brisc R…

But I sincerely doubt he spoke in provable advocation of bringing convicted botters back into the game.

If he did I would very VERY much like to see and share this information.


I don’t see the point in this other than your petty desire to harass and insult formerly banned players by making fun of this flag.

Bots are permabanned and don’t return, so this flag would be useless.

RMT of all and any form is ban worthy.


I don’t read it this way. Botting is still one of the big no-nos, and I don’t see anybody getting let back in under this policy if they engaged in it. RMT and botting go hand in hand anyway, because the vast majority of botters are doing it to fund RMT.

That’s not what it says.

Another lie. I did not advocate for the clemency policy directly, although I have in the past argued that CCP needs an ombudsman role to review permabans and make sure they fit the crime and are fair. CCP decided to roll this policy out, and I supported it after the fact, because I do believe that people should be given second chances when they make mistakes, own those mistakes and commit to living by the rules going forward.

There is zero reason to stigmatize these players or otherwise identify them, like they’re some kind of second class citizens because they made a mistake and were granted clemency.

Nowhere did I say that, lol.

No and I don’t. Botting is generally tied with RMT and I don’t think folks who have gone through the trouble of doing those kinds of things are likely deserving of clemency.

Now, when it comes to RMT, I think it’s reasonable to let somebody back in who has BOUGHT isk from an RMTer, often because they do it not knowing that it’s not okay. But I don’t support letting anybody back in who was a seller.


What if they only did it to feed their families because they had no other options?

Those people have more important things to do than play video games, then.


You want to brand redeemed players so we can ostracize them and treat them differently? You want to enable players to constantly threaten to report them for the most minor of infractions or outright frame them for infractions they did not commit to CCP such that CCP will be inclined to believe these infractions did occur when they did not? Clemency does not mean second class citizenship.


Too far dude, too far.

You need to self moderate that one.

Not cool