Does CCP ban all the accounts if you are caught botting?

Or just the botting account?
Just curious


They’ll most likely ban all of your accounts.


I could probably spend an hour writing about why using “your” in this sentence isn’t recommended, but instead I’ll TL;DR myself to: “the”. “Your” implies that the OP’s a botter. That may not be what you meant, but it is what you’ve written. Why am I doing this? Because, right now, I’m drinking coffee. It’s my first coffee. I got up too late. I haven’t had proper coffee in a week. If you asked me “Which Star Trek captain would you be?”, I’d be answering:


Be this Star Trek captain instead:

:gloves: :wink:


Ok so you want to know if your gonna get banned on your bots?? What a clever (not) way to find out lol

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“i am asking it for a friend” :wink:

(am joking)


CCP bans all accs if they find them. They punish the person and not the character


You should give me your stuff because CCP is just going to delete it.

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They ban all of your accounts. Every account that has interacted with yours in any capacity and any accounts linked via eve-mails or other social means.

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Heck, they ban everyone in the corp, alliance and even those living in the same region :smiley:

Don’t listen to these trolls. CCP will ban all accounts they discover having linked and confirmed to violate any TOS or EULA.

My guess is they can also associate many players and their other accounts with accounts they ban but don’t go after the player as they still want to keep the potential customer.

Take a wild guess.

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No, they do not ban all of the accounts. They ban all of your accounts.



They will let the accounts go that were not banned, if you write them a 300 word essay on why you were wrong, and apologize, on the forums.

Also, send me your stuff, if you make a new account i will promise to send it back to you.


Best ISD flex I’ve seen in a while.

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Where do we find the topic for that?

Would probably get some more use if it wasn’t easier for botters to just make a new account.

Just post it in the general discussions section of the CNP.


Well, at least mining chat will be quieter.


Well just tell your friend to make another email account and use a different computer for their botting :wink::wink: