Yep, VPN worked for my issues

Unfortunately my VPN subscription had expired so I had to renew, so that is 39.99 you can’t have CCP. Now I’m using a server out of Canada and everything is working great.


which vpn are you using?


… which means…
CCP has load balanser,
and it is region based balancing,
and for some regions (for ex. East Coast) they configured wrong non working ip addresses

… and all that stories about DOS Attacks are BS

dear CCP, send me $1000 for troubleshooting


You’re stupid and midstream attacks affect different regions differently.


protovpn has a free trial and it works fine too.

I’m thinking of using a VPN too but I’m clueless in computer stuff. What is a VPN and how do I use it? When I google VPN I get all kinds of links and I’m lost. Is it a program I can download? A subscription to a service?

Little backstory: I used to play Eve on a regular basis until 1 or 2 years ago. Then I started having big lag spikes. It wasn’t on my end because everything else was running fine as usual. Eventually I stopped plexing my account and stopped playing Eve. A few weeks ago I re-plexed my account when I noticed the lag seemed to be gone (played for 2 days with alpha status without any lag before using 500 plex). Today the lag is back. The good old 5-10 seconds input lag causing atrocious gameplay.


Based on many commentaries there is a recurring problem as far as “routing” goes. So, if I understand correctly, the solution is to use something that improves communication between my computer and CCP’s server. That’s where VPN comes into play? I’d love to hear about a step-by-step process, any links for starters are welcome. Thanks.

PS I’m in western Europe if that makes a difference.

The DDOS attack has long since stopped. You should be able to connect to the game regularly without a VPN.

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