Full lost conection

Since she that time and seen an article on EVE reddit .

I have conections loss only on eve.
My mumble works my discord too
My web page …

Why …


Connection to game? Connection to ships (since you posted this in a pve ship section)?

The internet is a complex beast. All of your comparisons are apples and oranges.

Try to run ping -t in your command prompt. Often the server fucks up for a sec or 5. So if you see replies from ping, make sure to relog fast. If no replies then the isp routing got issues (which usually get solved in couple of mins generally).

Overall the game got some stupid network connection system, so even if your connection to their own servers is working, you can still DC…

Long time ago i got same problem. It was internet providers router. I put it in modem modecand bought my own device it working. Put router in modem modem and check if it work by connecting it by wire directly if do than buy on good router to have service to whole house. Not cheap but didnt find others solution. I use vm in uk but others device are trash aswell. Now i using asus router

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