serious time in the abyssal? what if my internet goes down again? can i uninstall the game?

increases the difficulty of the abyssal but takes away the ■■■■■■■ time …
what is that for?

I think there are more people dissatisfied with that.

@ISD_Dorrim_Barstorlode (and the others), can we make proper English a required thing on the forums?

English is the required language. I think what you mean to ask is, what is the OP asking about, and can they do it in a constructive way?


He DC’d and lost his ship in the Abyssal Deadspace pockets and is now crying about it. Nothing new, but definitely doesn’t belong in New Citizen Q&A.


Constructive interaction by any means by a CCP volunteer or a Dev is always welcome. To all the ISD, (even the one who hates me :smirk: ) don’t lose a meal over the forums, it’s just not worth it! :wink:

I never understood MASH. Even now.

I think that there are also numerous people dissatisfied by your whining post in the “new citizens Q and A” section
You complain about your disconnexion problems? What happens if you play a counterstrike turnament and loose connexion? i suppose that you loose, no?
Take eve as a permanent challenging turnament. You will loose your ship one day

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No risk, no fun.
But you may file a ticket to CCP and say “please” instead of “§&$&#+#&”, they can check under which circumstance you’ve lost your ship. But on the other hand: This way I might have saved some nice Cruisers by “accidental” disconnects.

They’ve said time and time again, since they have no way of knowing if you Dc’d or just unplugged your cable to keep from dying, they will not reimburse your ship.

Now, that being said, i’m not sure if they’ve ever reimbursed anyone for their ship for abyssal as of yet under any other circumstances

You are absolutely right - there is no way of telling and “oops I kicked the router 19m30s into a run when I was still in the first chamber” is exactly how people would think.

I have had one disconnect in the Abyss (innocent) when I lost a ship. I did put a ticket in and, quite rightly, it wasn’t replaced. I was suffering from optimism. CCP aren’t responsible for my internal network, the performance of my ISP or the backbone of the internet.
That sums my luck up - in six years I’ve had maybe three or four disconnects. Two have been in the Abyss (the other I saved!)

So saying, I suspect the would entertain a replacement if the logs showed a massive disconnect event inside the Eve cluster where many players across the whole of New Eden were impacted at the same time.

OP: Don’t compare Eve to a multi-shard online game where there can be multiple points of presence across the globe only lightly interacting with each other. Eve is one environment, every person and action can touch everything else. It’s one of the many things that make Eve unique.

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You are right, I once got a BC back that I had lost in a common pvp battle, because there had been a problem somewhere else at the same time.
Regarding DCs, I’ve been lucky, I survivied all my discos until now, even in battles and travels in deepest Nullsec.

only for this year i would need both hands and feet when adding up all the disconnects. DDOS time sleepy, or do you only play 3-4 times a year? :smile:

Sometimes it is also funny, if only one of the 3 clients gets kicked out, it just happens from time to time.

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