About CCP ship recommendation/tooltip

I got curious, what criteria CCP used to recommend a ship for attack x combat.

From reading the recommendation:
1 - Attack: hit and run, pursue and attrition. Here I understand do not tank.
2 - Combat: BRAWLING. Do tank.

Is my understanding wrong? Whats the criteria used?

Apocalypse NI has almost all numbers better than Abaddon and is an attack where the later is combat.

Please explain. It’s all nice and cool to google fits but it’s time to understand why I fit my ship like this or like that.

Tx in advance.

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Those labels are completely arbitrary and meaningless.


If you’re only looking at the raw stats like “total armor hp”, you’re missing the most important part of ships, their hull bonuses.

Apoc Navy Issue


That’s why.


Yeah that was an unfortunate example, because the armor resist.

But if you compare both navy issues, same question arises.

Also on point, Gila has resists and lower numbers across other ships.

Sorry, not convinced.

Then you’re not going to find an answer that’ll convince you. Good luck or something.


That’s a lot of presumption of your part don’t you think?

Not to mention you are wrong. Just don’t be lazy and check the two BS from Minmatar Fleet Issue.

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