Ship Selection For Mass Test (You Decide)

For next weeks mass test, I am having difficulty selecting what ship would work best for this.

Should I Fly:

  1. Oracle Attack Battlecruiser - main sub-capital
  2. Revelation Dreadnought - main capital
  3. Maller Cruiser
  4. Apocalypse Battleship
  5. Malediction Interceptor
  6. Coercer Destroyer
  7. Drekavac Combat Battlecruiser
  8. Drake Combat Battlecruiser
  9. Harbinger Combat Battlecruiser

You Decide, let me know in the comments below, select one between 1-9

It depends on what the mass test is for. Use whatever your little heart desires

why do you write simple questions on forum? forum is not for chatting its for big problems and questions to ccp and else. i think you are just trolling

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