Suggestion for more ship balancing

As we all know in the dev blog about some changes, CCP finally does good work to shake up the meta. It covers some really needed changes like the Orthrus nerf, but there are still more ships to look at, like Command ships or the Garmur.

My suggestions

Garmur: This ship is an extremely strong kiter a like 40+km. Due to its defensive scrams it is nearly impossible to catch them.

-25 m/s speed
+10% mass
+20 m3 dronebay, +10 mbit bandwith
Gallente frigate skill bonus: 5% to warp distruptor and scrambler optimal range(was 10%)

witht these changes, the Garmur is less powerful as an ultralongrange kiter, but with the added dronebay it might becomes interesting as a brawler.

Abaddon: As we know, all battleships get extended cargobay and lock range, but there are still a few battleships that aren’t worth using, like the abaddon and rokh. Also, these ships are just slightly faster than minmatar caps.

+11 m/s speed
+2000 cap
+4000 PG

Rokh: This ship is said to be the worst battleship in game, it should be a close range combat ship like the merlin and moa.

+15 m/s speed
+1000 cap
+2000 PG
caldari battleship bonus: 5% to large hybrid turret damage(was 10& to optimal range)

Nestor: A nice supprt battleship, but it is slower than most capital ships and fitting prob modules makes it even slower

+45 m/s speed
+80000t mass
-0.15 intertia

Drake: Another ship said to be bad. the Drake navy gets a bonus to all damage types, while the drake remains strongly locked to kinetic.

Caldari battlecruiser skill: 10% bonus to heavy assault and heavy missile damage(removed kinetic lock)

Command ships in general: all battlecruisers have received role bonuses long ago, but not the command ships.
all command ships: add the rolebonus from the T1 ships to them(turret/missile range bonuses mostly)

Nighthawk: due to its 7/5/5 slot layout, this ship feels rather useless

-1 Low slot
+1 med slot
caldari battlecruiser skill bonus: 10%(+2.5%) to missile damage
command ship skill bonus: 10% to missile damage(was rof bonus)

Damnation: This ship can get ridicoulous amounts of EHP with its dual tank bonus and it would overlap with the upcoming monitor, while it lacks combat capabilitys.

amarr battlecruiser skill bonus: 10% bonus to drone hp and damage(was 4% to armor resistance)
+150 m3 dronebay, +25mbit bandwith

Eos: not sure why it has a tracking bonus that most of the time remains unused

command ship skill: +7500m drone control range(was tracking bonus)
+150 m3 dronebay

claymore: The dual rof bonus doesn’t make sense as the absolute vaule is less on the 2nd bonus than on the 1st bonus

minmatar battlecruiser skill: 7.5% to missile launcher rof(+2.5%)
command ships: 7.5% to assault and heavy missile damage(was 5% to rof)

Zealot: pretty obvious why :wink:

-1 low slot
+1 mid slot
+50 m3 dronebay, +25 mbit drones

Stratios for last: all drone ships have total one less slot than non drone ships. A Cynabal for example has 15 slots and a Gila 14, so the stratios should also have only 14.

-1 hi slot
+25 mbit bandwith

I’m sure these are not all problems, but at least some of(in my opinion most urgently needed changes)

let me know what you think :wink:

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You have the Hyperion or Megathron for that. Or Raven or Scorpion from the Caldari ship line. The long range sniper platform suits the Rokh way more than anything else.

We don’t need yet another Eos or any drone boat. The Damanation is one of the only command ships that can actually do what it is supposed to do: provide the fleet with bonuses without getting alpha’d off the field right away, which cripples your fleet more than losing a replaceable FC.

The Stratios has more slots because it is not a pure drone boat but a mixture of drones and guns.

The last thing the Zealot needs are drones. The last thing the server needs are more drones. The Zealot instead needs more speed. more PG/CPU and maybe some more base armor, especially if it loses a low slot for an otherwise useless mid slot.


Also GJ on taking away the low mass on the Nestor. CCP decreased its mass on purpose so it can fit into class 1 -wormholes (it’s the only BS that can).

So much bad ideas that my head hurts. Leave the balancing to people who actually understand the ships and how the game works.


Some ideas may be bad but… balance changes must be done in a more timely fashion. We have stagnated too long. Lasers and rails may need cap love. And medium projectiles may need some love as well. Artillery fittings are kinda messed up for many hulls.


Nope. Garmur is meant to be a long range kiting boat. The moment you do tackle it, it’ll go pop fast; they’ev got no tank, and they’ve got very little damage. For the cost of fitting one of these (you really do need to bling the prop at the very least) they’re right where they should be. You don’t see them as often as you see a lot of other frigates (disclaimer I’ve always avoided FW unless I’m roaming with a gang to kill the dude already inside it).

The abaddon is fine. Ironically, as an arty boat, it’s heavenly. The armor resistance bonuses are insanely useful.

Won’t disagree that the rokh is… not a popular ship. Then again, I wouldn’t fly one regardless because hybrid as a weapon system is garbage.

People actually fly these in PVP? Only time I’ve ever actually seen them is for emergency refits on supercarriers. Problem isn’t their capabilities, the problem is their price is insanely high for what they are able to do.

They’re changing the drake navy, we’ll see if that helps. The drake is intended to be tanky, not hurty.

Please no. Command ships don’t need to do stellar damage, they provide an incredibly powerful support role while being among the tankiest subcaps in the game. Giving them better damage would come at a cost of their actual role so that you could use it in an unintended niche.

AHACs are not the current meta. These changes won’t help the zealot at all, and I wouldn’t say it needs any help at all.

This is a change for what reason? The stratios is fine where it is.


Rokh: then you could also argument that the moa and the merlin should have range bonuses instead and thath you have incursus/thorax for that

stratios: there you could ask why the guristas ship line has one less slot, they are also combination of drone and missile. with this the stratios is able to launch 5 drones and normally people tend to fit neuts and never use guns in pvp

zealot: when the omen has drones, the zealot should have too, ccp gives drones to the eagle

Just because 1 ship is a superior sniper platform does not mean all have to be. Not to mention that the Moa already works as such.

The Gila has fewer slots because it was too strong with the additional slot because of the incredible bonuses to drones and missiles.

And it is a terrible choice. Drones don’t help the Eagle or server performance. Actual changes (as suggested) to support the role and other bonuses of the ship help the ship.

A lot of your numbers would completely break balance and youre making a lot of incorrect assumptions about ships.

The Rokh isnt the worst battleship in the game, its actually used quite a bit as a sniper battleship in fleets (the navy geddon is probably one of the worst as it lacks focus and has poor fitting).

Your recommendation for the nighthawk damage would break it immensely, the nighthawk does need a mid, it doesnt need 2 50% damage bonuses, it already does 800+ dps with HAMs and 550dps with HML. Its the best HML platform in the game at the moment (though navy drake will be replacing that soon).

T1 drake is fine, kinetic lock just means dont fight a deimos, eagle, cerb and ishtar, you can kill pretty much everything else (except BS obviously). Kinetic lock is very strong against t2 minmatar and every t1 ship. If you want omni damage on the drake, the damage bonus would fall to 5% per level, which would make the drake hit like a wet noodle.


I cant remember the last time I ever deigned to use heavy drones on a stratios to kill something. If I got my hands on you in my stratios, I wasnt using heavy drones to kill you, I would be using Geckos and skull-■■■■■■■ your ship into pieces.

People are always wanting to remove the damage lock on these things…

… but it’s not. try fitting a prop mod next time there is a reason the base speed is low.

again done to differentiate the two classes not a problem.

only to people who have forgotten what a passive fit is otherwise the night hawk is the tackiest command ship. only thing your change does is push its already broken tank further.

Ugly Sweater tacky? Or did you mean tanky? Pretty certain people are able to get the Damnation to Capital level EHP with the right tank fits.

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not quite capital level but what’s your point?

That the damnation is quite likely tankier than what the nighthawk can bring to the table.

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nope go see what you can get with a passive nighthawk and then look at what you get with the damnation

compare the numbers and you will notice just how much tackier the nighthawk is in small to mid sized gangs That fit, with maximum tank (double imperial plates, corpum a-type) along with a full slave set (including the 10th slot 8% armor hp implant) and boosts, will reach 1.223 million EHP overheated. With a raw armor hp of around 80k. Nighthawks? Not even close. Maybe a 10th of the EHP. Sure you could see a regen of around 643/sec, but that leaves you being a proverbial figurehead to be alpha’d. The damnation you have to sit there and chew apart.

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you can get well over 3k EHP/s without heat on a night hawk. and in small to mid gangs you are not seeing 400k alpha nor are you seeing 233k alpha (needed to alpha past peek faster than you regen between alphas) and it can run this independent of logistics something a damnation needs to stay running. and when their is logistics it needs far fewer than a damnation thanks to it being based on passive and resists more than raw HP.

so no by no stretch is the nighthawk a poor ship and adding an extra mid would just make it even stronger when it comes to tank. and again i point out it has the best tank. only time the damnation beats it is in situations with extreme alpha

Have ever flown any of those ships? Like seriously, the Rokh always was and should remain a long range rail gun ship.

What the heck are you talking about? A MWD on the Nestor allows you to outrun even cruisers and increasing its mass is probably the stupidest idea I heard in a long time.


There are roughly 250 different ships in Eve - lots of room for some to specialize, even if it is a small niche. The only ships that are intended to be multi-role are the strategic cruisers.

CCP has usage statistics on every ship which is how they decide which ones are in a good place and which need balance adjustments.

But 1200dps with neutron blasters is not really bad. And 20/41km range with neutron blasters not so easy dismissed.