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I am a newbie to this game and I have noticed that I have to travel to a station to get an item I buy. What do I have to do to gain money from selling things? Do I have to go to the station that I made the contract in? Or does the money go straight to me when the item is bought regardless of my location?

Keep in mind I have not sold an item to players yet so I am asking before doing it to make sure I dont screw up.

Go to a tradehub where most if not all items you ever wanted to buy are located in one station, and they’re usually at the cheapest rates available in the universe (at least in sufficient quantities)

From largest to smallest, the tradehub systems are: Jita, Amarr, Dodixie, Rens, Hek

Um thanks but I already knew that. I am asking what do I have to do to get the money from items I sell. Or if it goes straight to me without going to the station I made the contract in.

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There are skills you can train that let you buy/sell things remotely

ISK is always centralized in your wallet and goes straight there. So you don’t need to “pick it up” or “drop it off”

The items themselves, though, have to be at the location at which they are being bought or sold. Buyers will pick them up at the respective location - that includes you (as you’ve already experienced

Alright. Thanks

Simple market explanation:

When someone makes a buy order, he says:
This is what I want, for this amount of ISK, in this quantity and at this station with this range around it.

Anybody that accepts that order when selling something will sell the item at their location, it is the buyers task to go collect it.

So say someone is at Jita and wants 5000 mining lasers at 100 ISK with a buying range of the whole region. Anybody in the region can sell it to them, they will have to go collect them.

In the market window if you look at the buying order (which unless you specifically want to make a sell order) list, the ones in green are the ones you can sell to from your current position. The non-greens you are usually not meeting the range condition.

As for the ISK you get from selling, all transfered automatically

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Okay now that was really helpful lol. Thank you.

Ooh and if you right click to sell something.

The game automatically picks the best possible buy order that you can sell to from your location

this is a very important part. Trade hubs exist for a reason.

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