About moon mining after the decbal


(safira jomita) #81

If you don’t like crowd places move to a smaller city xD

(Peter Yurgin) #82

Structures can not attack suspects or criminals. So, even if you got what you wanted; you’d still need to jump into a ship and go after them. Structures only attack war targets.

(Peter Yurgin) #83

Wow. Problem solved. Sounds good, good luck.

(Taloris Aldercain) #84

You could always just blow them up.

(March rabbit) #85

That’s where you have chosen wrong turn. Should have set up mining event for the time you personally can mine it.

(Nicolai Serkanner) #86

Like I said: EvE is not for you.

(Skitterball) #87

Thankfully your opinion of what is, or is not for me matters very little to what I actually do, or do not enjoy.

Have a nice day :slight_smile:

(Bjorn Tyrson) #88

I disagree, he seems to have had the perfect attitude for eve, at least in this post.
he tried to do something new that he thought was cool, realized that he couldn’t handle it effectively on his own. so now he’s going off to find a group of people to fly with who can help teach him more… if that isn’t the right attitude for eve then i don’t know what is.

(Nicolai Serkanner) #89

Read his other posts in this topic.

(Bjorn Tyrson) #90

Yeah he was salty about it. Then he learned and figured out a way to change what he’s doing for the better. Nothing wrong with a newbro learning.

(Nicolai Serkanner) #91

After I re-reads the posts myself I have to concur I overlooked the part about joining another group and learn. My bad. My apologies to Skitterball.

You as well. Join Brave Newbies :wink:

(Skitterball) #92

Already did :slight_smile: