About moon mining after the decbal


(Geo Eclipse Oksaras) #61

better than blanket decs that happen for shits n giggles.
wars should be about structures.

(Daichi Yamato) #62

They shouldn’t. Structures are not the epitome of fun. In fact many regard them the exact opposite.

It was already going to become standard to have the structure in an alt holding corp and the players in another with no structure to dec.

And no, blanket decs are actually better than this. At least you could dec someone for being an arse. Under those rules, you know, take matters into your own hands. player agency ccp wanted to call it. But this takes away player agency.

It’s going to be the worst form of decs we’ve had and the worst form of corps we’ve had unfortunately.

(Geo Eclipse Oksaras) #63

Dec is just the first set of changes they are making.

Suicide Ganking is still an option, if they go the alt corp route.

(Daichi Yamato) #64

Ganking isn’t an option. It’s been nerfed to the point that it requires dedicated alts.

Do you see how this thread was started? Did you read it? Including all the parts where people say ‘ganking is not an option’…

(Sepheir Sepheron) #65

Should just go on a 1 minute refreshing suspect timer while on grid with the moon rock.

(Geo Eclipse Oksaras) #66

Total Volume of Dec’s will go down, since most decs are pointed towards smaller groups, often experienced players, but still small groups.

decs will shift towards larger groups with structures. If the structures are transferred to alt groups, then you’ll have to wardec the holders of the structures to still destroy the structure. within a few months from dec, other changes should be ready to roll out. “paraphrasing from fozzie”

Players should have a choice, they encourage larger groups to have people, and live where they should want to live. War Dec change will allow smaller groups to grow and thrive without being suppressed by large bitter vets. Possibly see NPC corps empty out allowing pilots to create an identity in their own corps and not be held down by groups like PIRAT, and good possibility to see corps instead of individuals moving into alliances. “again paraphrasing”

(Daichi Yamato) #67

Heard that before. More quantity, less quality. And the old ‘we’ll update it later’

Reminiscent of Awox nerfs turning corps into tax farms. That was awesome for the npe :+1:

(Netan MalDoran) #68

NPC null is a thing…

(Geo Eclipse Oksaras) #69

After this huge change, I doubt just 1 month will give them the data needed to make more changes to the decs based on what they are changing now. and if you ask @Brisc_Rubal CCP has been trying to get better about staying up on promised changes.

(Sebs Pride) #70

People keep acting like CCP nerfed wardeccing, they havnt. NPC basically have new names as people are acting like they DIDN’T EXIST.

If you do not like people mining moon rocks, move OUT of highsec, moon minin has always been nul and low, and there was siphoning units.
If someone did that you blew them up, the new asteroid belts are the exact same.
People were excited that moon minin was moved to high sec, why?
Because concord was there, allowing anyone to experience moon mining.
Now you are upset concord is there, it is a mechanic that is not there for just your benefit.

(Gadget Helmsdottir) #71

Try not to confuse Real Life with the purposely dystopic future of EvE.

New Eden is NOT a nice place… it’s been written that way from day one.

–Gadget is nice… trust her

(Sugar Smacks) #72

How about you try mining your ore immediately after its been popped out instead of leaving it out and complaining when people eventually find you and mine it

There is a reason you don’t hear about peoples Orcas being killed by CODE, because its not worth it.

You can try to start suicide ganking Orcas but let me warn you, mine has 300,000 ehp and that’s still with 2 mid slots and 3 rigs not focused to tank. The first time you try to gank one at your station you can expect a full tank one, and what will that be? 400,000 ehp?

(Herzog Wolfhammer) #73

You can always stop playing

(safira jomita) #74

Indeed mine has about 370k ehp with mostly tier 1 stuff

(Dom Arkaral) #75


(Skitterball) #76

I do mine my ore immediately. As of this weekend my moon popped at 1200 EVE time. I shot the laser, went to pick up my kids, and an hour later when I got back I had 4 Orcas sitting in the field mining only the Arkanor. I spent the next 5 hours using my mining fleet to mine the rocks out from under them as quick as I could and when all the Ark was gone they left. Yes it’s high sec and to be expected unfortunately. I’m decommissioning the Athnor instead of dealing with the heartburn, no need for me to be running a station if I have to fight like hell to be able to reap from the benefits of my own labors…

(Nicolai Serkanner) #77

EvE is not for you. Bye!

(Gadget Helmsdottir) #78

And why did you allow those Orcas access to “your” ore?

Push them away or blow them up.

If you have a mining fleet, then you can have a gank fleet just by just switching toons.
Pop one, and the rest will run.

Or use something cheap to kill the drones, and make them lose through attrition.

If you’d rather be ‘nicer’ about it, then use a Mach and push the Orca out of range.

Defend what is “yours” or it never was in the first place.

–Gadget steals all the rocks

(Skitterball) #79

Mining fleet = Orca + two Covetors, not enough bang for my buck I think as I thought it took something like 10 Catalysts to gank an Orca, not PVP Savvy

I am in the middle of a move, it’s not worth my time to try to keep them out as this was the last cycle the Athnor was going through. I made the statement as a point of fact that mining as soon as it pops is not always an option.

Granted, there is also plenty on here that have the opinion that you shouldn’t have a station unless you can defend it etc… I’m my own three man corp. Station is coming down regardless.

(Skitterball) #80

I greatly enjoy EVE. Dealing with the heartburn of getting frustrated with running a moon mine only to instantly have vultures appear is not for me, and as such that, combined with several other factors, is why I determined that owning my own moon mine is not something I wanted to deal with. I am ill equipped to deal with fending off Orcas on my own and as such will no longer have to deal with that. I’ll go join a good group of guys that can defend as a group and then I don’t have to worry about my own limitations and can learn from them.