About moon mining after the decbal


(Dom Arkaral) #41

I don’t
Never have, never will

I just want to know what other options people will have when wars become useless

No wayyyy
It feels like you don’t know who you’re talking to right now :joy:

(Skitterball) #42

My thing is this… We have logs, we can see who mined. So why not kick back to the owner of the station so that in the future you would be on a better side, especially in systems where you may get wardecced or need help defending your own station. Make friends along the way. Making ISK in an ethical way may be more time consuming and slightly less profitable, but all I have is my word and my actions. I would rather be known as fair and trustworthy than shifty and a thief :slight_smile:

(Sugar Smacks) #43

You know what you should do is put buy orders in your athanor for the ore that is outside of it and set it for a little cheaper than normal.

You are far more likely to get participation that way.

(Rexxar Santaro) #44

Accounts? Meh… For any pure PVP players it’s painful to omega accounts. Isn’t it?

Hehehehehe! IDK, maybe, until you are doing it in a second- or third-EVE-client. Well, to mine on your main constantly it’s something beyond any patience:


(Nicolai Serkanner) #45

I disagree.

(Dom Arkaral) #46

It is
Moreso lately

I miss the old hunting days.

And to people telling me to go to null, low or wh, I tried them all. And all the groups I was with died within 2-3 weeks of me getting there (in fact I still have stuff somewhere in Lowsec for anyone interested). they all died to internal drama between leadership, plus it was boring as hell :d

(Rexxar Santaro) #47

Too many business contracts steals the random fun from the game and hi-sec moon mining shouldn’t be transformed into renting zone, because it can hurt the current refinery owners even.

(Skitterball) #48

That would require a market module and me making my Athanor public :slight_smile:

I’m not complaining. I realize that this is the way the mechanics work and EVE is a sandbox. My complaint about lack of common courtesy extends way outside this little virtual universe we dedicate our lives to.

(Daichi Yamato) #49

That’s the problem, wardecs are neutered (we’re about to put in a system where you can’t wardec a corp unless they own a structure) and ganks are heavily punished.

And making a miner who takes rocks from a moon belt suspect will kill off mining in other peoples belts completely, which would suck.

You ideally want a system that realistically allows ‘bad behaviour’ to drive tensions and ultimately conflict. And then give players the tools to engage in/carry out that conflict.

Maybe wardec rights would work better than kill rights.

(Skitterball) #50

Or being able to petition for kill-rights based on -activities. Can’t wardec people hiding in NPC corps so as of this moment nothing to be done except grief or gank the offenders.

(Daichi Yamato) #51

If we made something that was a ‘wardec’ right, maybe we could wardec individuals in npc corps.

Though i guess it would still be unintuitive when nooby mcnooberson mines someone’s belt and gets a wardec because he didn’t understand.

(Skitterball) #52

I generally find the only people that come to my belt are older AFK Orca players. I have my station set to private as it’s pretty much the only thing I can do in High Sec so they had to put some effort into locating me. Not much, but it’s still intentional.

(Cypherous) #53

Without a requirement to own a structure there really aren’t any actual goals, what goals would you actually suggest for wars, there needs to be something both groups can strive for equally, a kill counter doesn’t really inspire people to compete and it would still allow large groups to try and farm smaller groups, which is what they are going to work to avoid, currently only the party being declared on needs to own a structure but CCP did mention they may actually make it a requirement for both sides to own a structure, without a proper goal the war system is just a shitshow as CCP already showed that the majority of high sec wars were started by only 5 corps, by all means come up with a solution or goal that prevents larger groups from just steam rolling little guys who don’t even have any kind of investment to actually defend

(Bjorn Tyrson) #54

last i’ve heard, it has been confirmed that both sides will need a structure. (so you need one to declare war, or have war declared on you) since if you are going around declaring wars, it doesn’t make any sense that you should be immune from others declaring them on you. and it does provide an in-space asset for defenders to attack, and (if its their only one) bring the war to a premature end.

(Geo Eclipse Oksaras) #55

I hadn’t seen it written in stone thats what the decbal will be… It was a proposal for both sides to have a struc. but currently its still on the table that the opposing corp has to have a structure to be decced.

(then again i wasn’t really paying attention since it was proposed)

I do agree that It wouldn’t make sense about being able to dec, without having a structure of your own.

(Khan Wrenth) #56

As an aside from the discussion at hand about wardecs, I do think that organizing gank fleets is probably your best option, but that’s contingent upon having enough corp members, coordination, and dedication to pull it off.

Honestly it sounds daunting, but it’s easy to do once you learn the mechanics and get some experience under your belt. It’s even easier than running missions. The only real hurdle is that number of friends needed to pull off a successful gank.

There’s a lot of information out there regarding how to skill up a gank character, set up a gank, attract Concord elsewhere in system, etc. And you’re starting out with an advantage that by the nature of this, the systems are all 0.5 security since we’re discussing highsec moon mining. That gives you ample time to gank.

The other option is bumping, better reserved for things like orcas. Effective, but probably takes a lot more practice to perfect it as it’s an art rather than a science. But, it doesn’t require a team of people to do, doesn’t give killrights, etc. You could also just gank the mining drones of the orca.

All the ganking stuff can be done with one of your three character slots. Or, if push comes to shove, you can start up an alpha to do it. But that’s the consequence of all these nerfs to ganking - you’re better off having a dedicated character or alpha character to handle the consequences.

One thing is for certain though - in the end it really is 99% about not making yourself an attractive target and/or more trouble than it’s worth. People will take the path of least resistance. If you’re constantly bumping their ships off and smashing the weaker ones, they WILL go elsewhere. If they want rocks, they’ll find someone who won’t fight them off. Make sure that someone isn’t you.

(Cypherous) #57

The initial release doesn’t, as far as i know, require both sides to need a structure, the initial “fix” will only require the defenders to have one

(Bjorn Tyrson) #58

I would need to give it another listen to be sure. but I’m 99% that in this episodes of TIS fozzie confirms that wardecs will require both sides to have a structure (i was studying at the time so only half listening, but I distinctly remember it being mentioned that destruction of aggressors structure would trigger the 24 hour war invalidation) he may have been talking about a future iteration, but I don’t think so… i’ll give it another quick listen when I get home and provide timecodes for relevant portion and either confirm or deny my recollection.

(Geo Eclipse Oksaras) #59

1:07:00 is the starting point roughly about the wardecs

Correction on time.

You are Correct, on having a structure both ways, and a Buy In will be available… ANYWHERE IN SPACE… doesn’t matter where the structure is. ALL structures.

If you ninja a structure during the 24 hour period, it does not continue the war, it will still end, but you can restart afterwards.

If a corp in an alliance drops a structure, the alliance will be eligible for wardec system.
another option, will be a spy can drop a structure just anywhere in the middle of nowhere and put the alliance in a chance for war, but will also give the spy a burn notice.

if you have a poco in WH, you will be eligible for Wardec

a corp will have an option, set by director/ceo if they can receive a structure, that way if someone tries to transfer a corp, by default all the corps will be set to no.

(Daichi Yamato) #60

Dang, that’s a real shame about the decs.