About the Gas in High Security

Some one in rookie chat last week asked about the Azure Mykoserocin in the gas training sites. There was some people questioning the existence of the gas and some debated the value. I took the Gas Pass Key to the various training sites and after visits to several with the scanner, I found a cloud reporting 100 units at 1000 m³. I returned with a venture yesterday and mined using scoops. About 1 in 10 contained the actual reported amount of this gas. All the rest ran dry at 2 units.

Meaning the gas does in fact exist there. It is hardly worthwhile to farm it, as you could spend all day and collect no more than 10 million ISK at best. I had to probe for the gas site, travel to the gate, and warp to the cloud. All these extra moves adds time to the exercise. Then one needs a Gas Pass Key from the exploration career mission to access the gate site. I seriously doubt this could be an exploit as they would have taken the key after completion of the mission.

It is my opinion, this is here to train how to scoop gas. I hope my answer to this makes sense and will quell future debates on the gas clouds in high security. For anyone new here, start up cost for simple alpha gas mining is about 50 million ISK. Training will cost you 39 million ISK and the 2 scoops ( NOT the harvesters ) will run about 6 million each. One can make a good profit in 0.4 low security. Assuming you can survive the players, each load 5000 m³ of most gases will net you more than enough to pay for your one time training cost. The process is long, dull, and boring, at one load per hour, but don’t AFK mine unless you can afford the loss of your ship and time spent.

Have fun! o7

The more you know.
Thanks for taking the time to write this down.

Which scoop did you use?

Since I am alpha, I can only use at most 2 Gas Cloud Scoop I. At my level with 2 scoops, I mine gas at a rate of 100 m³ per minute. It takes 50 minutes to fill a venture cargo hold.

I think I know where this is heading. Omegas can mine more faster?

The rate isn’t slowing me down at these training sites. Even if I could burp and move, the warp to the next gate, gate jump, and warp to site adds at minimum 90 seconds or more per site. Then add to that scan time for the other sites you need to visit. I estimate the most you could visit in an hour would be less than 20 sites. If that is worth your time as an omega miner, go for it. I can mine kernite in low security and make 10 million ISK in 15 minutes.

I was going to make sure you were not using a T2 since those have residue that comes off

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Understood. I also use the low budget EP-S Gaussian Scoped Mining Laser for kernite. It is about 2 minutes slower per load on my kernite than the tech 2, but has no residue.

Don’t forget to mention wormholes, there’s also decent gas.
In fact you can pay several fitted Ventures with one load of gas.

My issues with the wormhole gas, the fullerenes don’t sell for as much as low security booster gas.

Wormholes have rats at every gas site, they can be very tough. The Ordinary Perimeter Reservoir starts with 5 sentry drones, which will blow up your ship in mere seconds. Most wormholes don’t offer a safe dock for repairs or storage.

The sites in low security have no rats, you will only get attacked by the other players. Many times I have been attacked in low security by the other players and I normally just warp back to my dock and dump the gas. I will warp back later and they are gone, start mining again. Unless they show up with multiple ships for both fighting and mining, they are only there to kill easy targets.

Even when I lose my venture gas mining, I have several more ventures - in the local dock - rigged for gas mining. Also remember to set this as your home port, so you will clone there as well. After I clear the gas, it is loaded on to my miasmos and hauled away to market. Add to all of this the time restraint of the wormhole collapse and it is more of a liability than a revenue.

Most common I have found in wormholes C 72 gas is currently 9000 per unit a full venture is 2500 units for 22.5 million ISK. Whereas low security gas Azure Mykoserocin is running 55,000 per unit and a full venture of 500 units is 27.5 million ISK. Both gases take just as long to farm but Mykoserocin nebula contain up to 6000 units ( 330 million ISK ).

To me, it doesn’t matter where you decide to mine your gas.
Have fun!

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Fun fact: the Minmatar gas tends to be the least valuable. Other racial gases are 2-3x the price.

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