About to form SMALL CORP

Looking for 10-20 players from different time zones, to get a good spread of random log in and go play sessions, any time of the day. Could accept more than 20, but really, it’s for stuff like Resource Wars and small team stuff that we just naturally decide to do together.

Please leave a message, EXTREMELY open to new players, as I am one myself, but could use a few old dogs to teach us some old tricks along the way and just act as guides for the group too :slight_smile:

No real plans to take over the Galaxy etc, just small team work gaming sessions and good banter :slight_smile: All countries welcome, English speaking (even if broken english) a must.

Will set up a Discord and flesh it out while I wait for a few replies, will post invite to you directly if you leave a request here :slight_smile:

Summer is probably the worst time to start a corporation because the playerbase dwindles (outside is fun), consider finding a place and helping them out. Too many chiefs, not enough indians.

What does your corp plan to do. How many players do u have

We’re looking at having small groups of new players so that we have people to learn the game with, instead of being told what to do, when to do it, and just run off that kind of thing.

IDEALLY, as players eventually feel they know the game, they will join full on corps, as I’d like to keep small corp true to it’s purpose. A chatty environment for “newbros” to learn at their own pace and not just feel slaved to ■■■■ they dont understand or have the chance to experiment with.

A lot of older players mean well, but they rob the new player of the new player experience with all their old dog tactics and content. Skipping the start of the game feels like a massive waste.

I’m also open to having other corps come in and recruit players OUT of small corp when the player feels ready to do so.

thanks for the heads up :slight_smile:

I’m just looking for 10-30 new players tho, and they tend to filter in so :slight_smile:

I put the game down for a week however recently as I was deathly sick with winter starting so abruptly, but I’m back into it now. So we should see a bit of growth here!

We should talk. Msg me in game

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