About wardeckers in High Sec and solution

(Dom Arkaral) #474

You usually (not always) have a couple of guardians around, and usually (not always) the guys who die were hero tackle or being dumb flying without any support

You can see on my kb that my merc losses were all pretty dumb, but you can also see that I never had logi (I always had a hard time multiboxing 2 ships at once in any situation that wasn’t stressful lol)

If I ever miss doing it I’ll go back to CODE. to give a surprise buttsecks dose to those that think CODE. are nothing but gankers :wink:

(Toxic Yaken) #475

I think that the fear of forcing more conflict drivers onto Highsec has to do with the current state of Highsec and it’s large population of disorganized and small groups. If you add new rewards for controlling and fighting over things in Highsec, this doesn’t mean this large population is going to suddenly take up arms and start PVPing, much more likely the players who are already well organized like Highsec mercs or LS/NS groups will snatch them up for themselves and their allies and exploit it to the best of their abilities. This isn’t to say I disagree with you though. :wink:

My hope is that they are going to use Resource Wars and Pirate Forward Operating Bases as educational tools because they want to see the larger Highsec population actually start to take part in more smaller scale cooperation.

Glad to hear some Devils will be returning home.

(gnshadowninja) #476

It’s all strategy, believing we have logistics is our strength and also a burden. I’ve took a dual rep vindi into a gate camp of 6 and they warped because “vmg has 20 nestors har har”.

Our logistics creates the fear of why people don’t want to mess with us, so I can understand people’s frustration but fact is we don’t ALWAYS have a blob flying with us.

Difference between people here and groups like Eyes.fr, trumps and cavemen. Is they believed it was achieveable and got off their backsides .

(Dom Arkaral) #477

Note that I did say usually :stuck_out_tongue:
They are, of course, a force multiplier if you have them close, but they’re also a fear multiplier (?) If people know you have them somewhere.

I’m sure you’ll agree with me here, but not every merc group is willing to put ships on the line when their target starts to form up to defend themselves, so in a way the whole attacker/defender depends mostly on the willingness of interaction from both sides.

(Black Pedro) #478

I think you are probably right. And there should be a place in this game, the most obvious choice being highsec, where the small, casual and new can splash around without having to compete with the big boys. But I still don’t see why they can’t layer on top of that (essentially the NPC corps) optional conflict drivers that give those corporations who want to take additional risks, additional rewards. You make them small rewards, and ones tied to regional highsec activities to discourage the big blocs or PvPers from just claiming the rewards and the locals to try to take them for themselves. Sure, the organized highsec mercenary groups might come to dominate them (like they have many highsec POCOs) or use their military supremacy to demand tribute or whatever, but at least there would be some reason to fight for something and create some game play and goals for highsec corps. People still do regularly fight over POCOs in highsec, and not just the big merc groups. Just add more of that.

That would be a much better bridge to the rest of the game than just having a completely non-competitive space where there is nothing to fight over.

It just seems to me like the war mechanic is going to waste. You have a perfectly good mechanic to allow controlled fights between defined groups, an interesting PvP dynamic not present in the rest of the game that is perfect for smaller groups, and yet you provide almost no objectives to make use of it to fight over something.

Sure, there are people that will still use the war mechanic because they like the fight itself, but I am convinced the game would be more healthy (and wars used much more) if you provided real, even if not especially valuable, objectives to fight over rather than just rely on players to make up excuses or even just declare war randomly on each other.

(Aaron) #479

Same old Dracvlad huh. It’s always someone else’s responsibility to do something about war decs, and it seems it’s your responsibility to commentate from the sidelines.

After all this time you still don’t even know your potential to actually do something about this. You seem oblivious to the fact that people would follow you if you created an organization that fought war deccers.

I understand it would be lots of work organising what i propose, you’d have to talk with lots of people and set up doctrines.

Your works would culminate into some sort of regular emergency CTA where all members of this hi sec organization drops what their doing, they get into a low cost doctrine ship, fleet up and do what the fleet commander instructs, like clearing a gate camp for example.

Can we have an explanation as to why you haven’t rolled up your sleeves and done something like this?

(Dracvlad) #480

Carrying on your vendetta again, obviously you have not read what I said.

You still have not got the issue, there is absolutely no reason to fight in hisec read that and think it through, if you can?

Then read this by Black Pedro and you will have your answer…

As for me the Time Zone does not fit, I would have to be active in late EU and early US TZ and I am not in that TZ, you might not have noticed it, but I am in an AU TZ alliance and there is a reason for that.

Go and look at the active periods of VMG, P I R A T and Public-Enemy and then wipe that smug stupid self-satisfied grin off your face, because you should, such an entity that you have suggested requires people to lead by example in the major periods, I could lead by example but the TZ is not for me.

(gnshadowninja) #481

You know i’m in agreement to some extent, there is no reason to fight in high sec or more to the point maybe were not creating reasons for people to fight.

I guess i’ll have to start stirring the pot and see what content we can create.

People only see the negative effects of these wars “Im miner, I get killed”, VMG alone has killed over 17 trillion isk. Our wars create supply and demand, the less that dies the less demand.

So while everyone here is suggesting we make high sec a pretty pink pony, remember that ore you mine, that inventing your doing, the building, the 0.1 isk marketing struggle. We help create that demand that makes alot of you rich.

(Aaron) #482

No vendetta here. Just curious as to why you got so much to say and not much to back it up with.

It is silly that you take my point as an insult. Did you not read me? I said I think your capable of doing it how is that an insult?

Why does it not occur to you that you can get associates to cover the timezone you’re not in? Surely you can communicate a doctrine to someone and ask they follow it?

(Faylee Freir) #483

To add to this, I end up repeating myself over and over. Some of the most vocal players against highsec and wardecs are Nullsec players. A lot of these guys / gals are really plain ol’ regular players. Here’s nothing too special about them except that they play in an area of the game that is collectively considered “elite” or “endgame”, when in reality most of what people do in Nullsec is just some real basic stuff that doesn’t involve too much creativity.

It’s these people that have no stake or interest in highsec that are the loudest offenders against highsec. It’s an area they aren’t interested in. The mechanics are different, and there’s people that play there that are very well prepared for most anything that is tossed at them.

I challenge all of you to really evaluate what you do in your respective area of the game and be fair to yourself when judging others playstyles… Why is it cool or neat or not just shitting on new players for a Sabre to bubble camp and kill people, but killing haulers and mission-fit ships in highsec is somehow very different?

(Dracvlad) #484

Well there you go, not much to back it up, LOL, what you just said here. I was talking about conflict drivers that have value for hisec entities and you say I can’t back it up and declare some twaddle abot creating something to fight hisec wars, are you a complete fool Aaron?

As I said you did not read or understand what I was talking about, but you suddenly declare that I am all mouth and no trousers when the only person here who declared something in a forum and then did not do it is you!

You declared that you could do this, I did not, so go and try and find some people, then come back to this thread, chop chop.

(Dracvlad) #485

I see no difference, but that is me, but I am not judging your play style in terms of right or wrong, I have judged it in terms of being a challenge. Doing a bubble camp is a lot more risky than what you do, especially as two jumps away from the prime spot is PL’s Curse staging, here is an example:

Before I went back to nullsec I spent over two years in hisec and did a lot of watching of War dec entities, I don’t call them mercs as they are not. So nice try mate…

Well there is hope for you, good job…

I have had fun with hisec wars, that is because I have a different attitude.

Only you are suggesting that mate!

Not really, the real conflict and mass destruction of ships is not from hisec war deckers…

(Dom Arkaral) #486

And since then you do a lot of crying about them

If you don’t have any business in highsec affairs you should simply stop posting as your nullsec status makes you irrelevant to the matter…

(Dracvlad) #487

Back to the crying narrative again, lame is still lame mate.

(Aaron) #488

I’m referring to your general opinion. How can it possibly be that there is no point fighting a war?

What I have not done remains to be seen. I’ve not done anything wrong by delaying my venture.

I think people have to challenge your view because if a new guy reads you they could be put off the game if you’re not challenged. I will challenge anyone’s view in a calm manner.

You still didn’t answer me, why haven’t you tried to create an organisation to fight wardec corps?

You have my full attention drac the floor is yours. I don’t care what anyone else’s view is right now, let’s hear from you as to why you haven’t organised anything.

(Dom Arkaral) #489

One word


Personally I tried one time to get my then alliance to fight back against mercs (I was in the 6th Empire)

I was met with a shroud of silence… no one wanted to try fighting back, they preferred not logging or going to nullsec.
I gave a lot of my time trying to have something happen, but yeah… nothing did

(Lena Crews) #490

I kind of think it’s silly to classify players by where they play. It really doesn’t work for many players. I have trade alts in high sec, have mission running alts in high sec, have FW alts in low sec and play in null. I visit wormholes regularly (though I’ve never lived in one).

Where I focus largely depends on how I’m feeling on a given day. Sometimes I’ll go full-out fleet wars for a few weeks. Sometimes I’ll feel like mission running. Sometimes (rarely) I’ll even shoot rocks for a while. And sometimes I join fleets and press F1.

When I was based in high-sec… I pretty much stayed in high-sec (or made very brief and very frigtened forays into null or low sec). I think some high-sec players don’t realize that pretty much everyone cares about high-sec. We all send our crap to high-sec to sell (and buy crap in high sec). Many (if not most) of those who primarily operate elsewhere still have hauling/market toons they use for their logistics in high-sec. Almost everyone is a high-sec player… even if they also play elsewhere.

(Dracvlad) #491

Ask that question to people you speak to in hisec, you know educate yourself. First question is what do you gain from victory, it is what I call the Waltreipers affect, bet you can’t work that one out…

Well you declared you were doing this then decided not to, not me!

A new guy is not going to read this until he has been in a war, in fact most new guys post about wars after they have had one.

Yes I did, but you are too dumb to see it.

I repeat I have already answered that question, but if your reading and comprehension skills are not up to it, that is your issue.

Something you can’t do yourself…

(Dom Arkaral) #492

@Dracvlad please do read the edit I added

You keep saying stuff about me that just seem like projections of yourself… if you knew me, which you don’t lol, you wouldn’t try to belittle me like you always seem to do.

I’ve gotten a good reputation amongst certain groups despite my allegiances because of what I do, and I’ve made a lot of friends amongst my enemies because what they were told about me and what I ended up being were not the same.

Never judge a book by its cover, because you’ll be denying what might be the best read of your life :kissing_heart:

(Aaron) #493

Youre a defeatist, youre oblivious to the fact I complimented you saying that you were capable of leading a fight against wardecs.

As I say it seems you don’t even know your own potential to inspire people, no one can really help you with this. Perhaps if you had a more positive, accepting and optimistic attitude u might even have a level of success.

You get very upset when I ask you general questions.