About wardeckers in High Sec and solution

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I have also had that experience a few times too, and this is what I keep pointing out that there is an issue in hisec attitude, the mechanics are not the issue but this attitude is. Changing it requires someone to step up to the plate as Aaron declared he would and little nudges that make people want to fight for something of value such as the exchange I had with Black Pedro. The key thing is changing that attitude.

I like you better when you post properly with a reply like this and not something designed to get +1’s from ImaWetyou.

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I don’t post to get people’s approval.
It just happens that people agree a lot with the things I say…

Also, how do you expect people to take you seriously if you keep coming up with childish nicknames for people?

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Aaron you know full well that the issue is that you have to be active in the TZ where the majority of the activities take place, you need to have someone with the ability to push it along and lead by example, I think you have that in you, just as you think I have, but I am not in the TZ for me to be effective which is why I pointed out that was why.

I had a good long look at it and checked out some people for different TZ’s but I could not find anyone really suitable to do it. Now if I had been in the right TZ I could have got the ball rolling, but that was why, not much occurs in terms of this stuff in my TZ, even though most structures are set for my TZ which was the only thing going for it.

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You do too many naff crying type posts mate, to try to look smart, which is why you get answers like I did before, but when you post sensibly then you get proper replies, look at yourself in the mirror mate.

Certain people agree with the one liners you come out with, like the person I gave the silly name too, I did that because she has a fixation with tears.

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They agree because what I say makes sense

If I were posting for approval I’d be sucking everyone’s Willies, or I’d be posting nonstop in the “like and get likes” Thread.

I’m old enough to know better.

And like Aaron said, try to add some positivity in your EVE life :wink:

And a TZ is not a restriction if you know what you’re doing…

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If someone breaks the EULA I suggest you file a ticket in the correct section and let CCP deal with it. They take breaches of the EULA very seriously.

If on the other hand you’re just lying, i suggest you harden up. Stop blanket painting a whole group with your own weak floppy outlook. You shouldn’t make fun of someone else’s language skills when you yourself are only barely capable of writing a sentence :shufflefurtherparrot:

As an extra - Pirates are people who fight for CASH (see : Plunder, Booty, Treasure). Not everyone who shoots people without their permission is a pirate, most of them just like fights. Most PvP folks fund their PvP with PvE alts. Pirates do not.

As a second extra - Player owned corps are a privilege not a right. It is not like a guild in other games, since a group of players can share chat channels without being in a corp together. When players decide to band together and form their own corp, they must be prepared to defend it.


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Except then you’d be busted as a DMC alt once and for all :slowparrot:

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Sadly if the first major step to create something like this is to create a stir by doing something that gets noticed to then change peoples attitude then and those opportunities in your TZ are rare and not visible in the main its fairly tough. Discount it by all means, but that is why!

I am very positive about Eve, having a great time, blowing up stuff and getting blown up, though less then I blow up. Earlier today I had to work hard to save my Basilisk managed to rep someone so he did not die and he warped out and then managed to get my Basilisk out just before another bubble went up. Previous day my Gila and Basilisk was caught at a gate and while people got blown up I managed to get both my ships out, one by being aware of the bubble and changing direction before hitting the oversized AB and the other by burning too the gate so they did not bother going for me and then they warped off and I burnt out of the bubble and warped to my fleet. I have dropped Dreads and loved it, I am having a great time.

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The problem is, once these groups step up and organize themselves, most realize that they can do the same in LS/NS/WH while making more isk and leave. What kind of value can be given to these groups to choose to stay in Highsec besides the mechanical security from Concord?

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Oh lord no pls
Anything but that :sadparrot:

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Is that you in the video on the left there?

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That is a very good question and is in fact the one that needs to be solved, I have suggested a couple of things in this thread and CCP is doing game play that pushes co-operative play. Those would be a start, but those people would still leave anyway.

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Cultivating and educating the average Highsec player to engage in more activities; be they cooperative, conflicting, or otherwise new experiences; are important and I hope that CCP will further iterate on this development, even if they end up leaving Highsec. It’s hard to gauge where CCP wants to take Highsec though, development for it has seemed pretty minimal for as long as I’ve played the game, so as much as I’d love average Highsec corps brawling it out for resources and territory I won’t hold my breath. As has been for a long time, it’s our responsibility to make the game fun where CCP doesn’t. :wink:

I’ll be whoever you want me to be. :blondesassyparrot:

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Then you shall go forth into the world, and be the worst. Be the reason newbies run for cover, and vets dip their heads. Take no prisoners, have no remorse and never ask for anything.

Then my son, you shall be who i want us all to be.


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Son of…

As much as it pains me to say this, these are some very good and insightful comments.

I think one thing to keep in mind is that HS and the game in general are a process–i.e. something that is dynamic and on going–not just a static thing. So if there is a group of players that form a corporation and who “step up and organize themselves” they will likely do one of two 2 things, either move out of HS to enjoy the larger rewards that “stepping up and organization” allows them to achieve…or move over to war deccing. That this, process results in those who can “organize and step” to do so where upon they leave HS. Thus, the result is that we see those either who have yet to “step up and organize” or those who can’t/won’t/etc.

If this is the case, changing HS so it doesn’t look mostly like a mass of unorganized players who can’t/won’t/have yet to step up/etc. will be quite problematic.

I don’t disagree, but just want to point out that this can be very difficult to do from the top down. And even still, if it is successful (and it would be great if it is successful), if the conjecture above is correct, then some will benefit from this and others will not still leaving us with something that looks much like it does now.

I don’t think it is just simply an issue of what direction CCP wants to go, but also the players. Do players “self-select” in terms of what kind of things they do in game? I’m going to say yes. If that is true, then the players, on average, in HS may not want to organize like that and brawl like that.

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Dracvlad is going to print, frame, and hang this over his mantle, I hope you realize this.

I was trying to find a good way to articulate this while on my lunchbreak - you’re completely on point here. Even in trying to convince players to stay and engage in Highsec wars, there is a lot of room for engagement manipulation with corp dropping/hopping and neutral alts that turn people off from wanting to fight wardeccers when they can get more straightforward combat in other regions of space. It’s a bit of an acquired taste.

Good points. There will always be those that are going to maximize and take full advantage of the opportunities and tools available, while others won’t. That’s the way things are now, and will forever be in EVE. I would just like to see more wars of substance… but I guess that’s equally up to the players involved.

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This isn’t the first time that I have agreed with Dracvlad…might be the first time I’ve actually written that I do. Back on the old forums I have liked a number of his posts.

Or for whatever reasons can’t.

It would be good…but sometimes the players are dead set on thwarting you. Not as conscious thing (i.e. they all have a meeting and say, “Lets go screw that up”) but players are going to respond in ways that make implementing even the best intentioned changes fail. “We’ll do A, which will lead to B and then to C and ultimately D which will be great!” But the players instead of going to C they jump to E and then F and the intended outcome is not achieved.

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I cant get on-board with some of the views here.

I’m curious, why does there have to be value in something that is done in eve in order for you to do it?

I’m confused as to why no one seems to see the value in being part of a fight against the wardeccer. Doesn’t fun and good gameplay and well thought out strategy have any value? Doesn’t appreciation from people affected by wardecs have any value? What about a reputation for being good at hi-sec pvp, does that have Value?

I think too many of you perceive Eve as a Job rather than a gaming experience.

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Maybe so. Every cause needs a champion. I still feel there is lots you can do to contribute to such a cause, theres finance management, resource gathering and management. strategic planning, liaising with others. all of these things are important.

As you say, most structures are set for your tz…this is your advantage…youd have to roll up your sleeves and get recruiting for people who are happy to drop some dps in your timezone. I know it is difficult but its not impossible.

You know full well that wars are fought on many fronts, if you managed to cause damage by attacking strucures in your tz then it may cause them to set their structures to another tz where your associates could attack it.

Try to look at yourself as a link in a chain achieving your goal, if other people in the chain have a similar view then you can all contribute to larger goal.

Re-invent yourself into Mr Can-do, come back to hi-sec, recruit missioners and tell them about your goals. have a positive attitude about your goal and smile and laugh as much as you can. People will see this and become part of it.

Make friends with folks who have suffered from wardecs, pledge your support in return for theirs. Network with folks and keep the terms simple.

Youre in a good position to do this Drac, you seem to have the RL time to organise this so hey why not do it?

Focus on what you can do, debate and develop strategy for the things you can’t.

I must say Drac youre the most hard headed person I’ve ever known. LOL. Are you ever going to stop bloody moaning and get down to business??