About wardeckers in High Sec and solution

(Dom Arkaral) #514

People are only going to follow a charismatic leader tho

(Toxic Yaken) #515

All of those things have value. The problem is that the large part of the community has been conditioned to think that wars are ■■■■, and never worth fighting because wardeccers are risk averse mechanic abusers just trying to farm kills. If the defender doesn’t see the value in fighting than they won’t, because the tools are available to avoid it. I don’t think that you should be rewarded to defend in a war, but the average Highseccer doesn’t normally have anything to fight for besides fun, which is subjective.

(Rowdy Ronny) #516

We can make a sort of Wardec tutorial covering the defenders part of the situation ? I started doing it to see what happens :

it’s also on the facebook page in detail :

On why I don’t prefer paying defenders : (1) If they are not totally bad at PVP they get millions easily through the PVP. (2) If they don’t give me their API I can’t check if they are part of the offending clan (and even then there are ways around the API checks) (3) Does PVP suck sooooo hard that people need to be paid for it on top of the adrenaline rushes and tons of loot and dank ticks from killing those wanted players?!

(Dom Arkaral) #517

@Rowdy_Ronny feel free to post these in the EVE Jita and Unofficial groups (you can try on the main group but you’ll probably have it swarmed by naysayers)

(Xavier Liche) #518

Show me on the doll where the bad…

(Aaron) #519

You don’t know Drac like I do. :slight_smile:

(Wanda Fayne) #520

One must also consider the prospect of successful combat vs groups that have 95% efficiency ratings. “Win” a fight and you might kill a few ships. Lose, and you bring not only losses, but likely many other wardecs from same and other entities who see that you will fight (and lose) assets.

Having something to fight for can be a motivator. But against a proven efficient foe most will just feel it is not worth the effort. And 95% of the time that is the best option…

(Dom Arkaral) #521

I think you underestimate that fact :wink:

(Aaron) #522

A 95% kill efficiency can be a good indicator of a competent pilot. However I question this.

I faced foes who did absolutely everything together you would never see one of them alone. All of their pvp they were prepared to take part in was heavily stacked in their favour.

For Example, they set up in a pipe system and they have lookouts alts a couple of jumps out in either direction. They have a look at whats coming toward them and outnumber anything that jumps into their system with surprise pvp gate camps. Whenever any fleet the same level as them came by they would dock.

This is the only style of pvp they have done for years. and I think their efficiency is 97/98%, are these good pvp’ers or are they just good at selecting what pvp to take part in?

Toxic Yaken is correct, many folks have been conditioned in their thinking regarding pvp and general gameplay, It is always worth the fight, the trick is to fight in an intelligent way.

(Wanda Fayne) #523

I didn’t correlate efficiency with skill. Based on those odds, you will lose 19 of 20 times. That’s just the facts.

I don’t fear wardecs because I understand how they work. I know (or try to find out) what will generally infuriate the aggressor. In fact I relish that opportunity on most occasions :joy:

(Dracvlad) #524

Teckos you might be surprised but I actually do see your point most of the time, I just wish you would not be so quick to jump to insults and stuff.

PS My graphics card died Thursday night.

(Dracvlad) #525

Stop with the moaning thing, I am offering an opinion and many people share that opinion.

As to the rest of your comments, you are thinking it through now which is good, so another question for you to ponder, why would I post on this subject if I had no interest in doing it at some point?

The key thing is to change that attitude.

(Cypherous) #526

I’m not a pirate but i think your idea is bad, there you go a non-pirate reply :stuck_out_tongue:

(Natural CloneKiller) #527

War decs are fine. Im sure ccp falcon once said in eve players should be able to go to war with anyone any time they want and for any reason they want. It makes eve what its is.

I will never forget the first time i was killed in a high sec war dec. I wanted revenge for months lol. It motivated me and was one of the reasons i play this game over others.

(Aaron) #528

OK fair enough Drac.

Go over our experience in Stain. I did not like how you operated on a few occasions. Yes the venture was difficult and it was a hard area to live in.

I think if only you had been more positive with your actions more fun could have been achieved. I get the feeling that you don’t listen at times and it felt like you wanted to impose your negative view regarding stain on everyone. I’m not trying to rehash the Stain problems I’m trying to get you to be more aware of the vibe you put out.

As I said in my previous post… become Mr Can-do, Smile and laugh more…don’t take the difficult things in Eve so seriously.

You should note that when we were both calm and enthusiastic we did achieve some small success, I admit I wasn’t calmest person around but hey we live and learn right.

Everyone and their uncle knows your opinion Drac, many people share it yes. I just feel that adopting your opinion and not being bothered to do much is negative. When I say stop with the moaning what I mean is cheer up, roll up your sleeves and get stuck in to finding a solution to these problems without looking to CCP for changes to the mechanics.

It’s good that you have an interest, I’d say take it as far as you can and get some fun out of it even if the result isn’t the level of success you wished for.

I’m open to talking about things Drac. lets just be careful.

(Teckos Pech) #529

I know…

Look on the bright side, chance to upgrade!

(XXX Natinde) #530

War Deccers are NOT pirates! They declare war and attack you legally, Pirates kill you illegally! Period!

Your 2 minute thought process is completely flawed! Period!

Instead of being passive aggressive and attacking those giving constructive criticism, try and be constructive yourself in your arguments, instead of seeing them as a personal attack! and then going on a keyboard warrior rampage and claiming to be gangster! Period!

The advantage is already with the defenders, it costs them nothing, they can open the war to allies to assist, how much more do you want to tip the scales to the defenders advantage? If you tip it much further then basically you can kiss war decs goodbye, then all of HS can be risk free, BORING! is this what you want, as your idea would almost certainly cause this to happen.

Then this:

All I can say is LOL.
It is like talking to a wall isn’t it? Now you know how all those offering constructive criticism feel talking to you sunshine :slight_smile:

(CowQueen MMXII) #531

This would only matter if people wanted to fight back. However, there is normally no reason/motivation to do so, so it doesn’t matter who has the advantage “mechanically”.
Also, the terms attacker and defender are misleading when it comes to actual combat situations. Often the “attackers” are “defending” the access to a station or system, with their home system for quick reinforcements and reshipping close by.

That’s generalistic ■■■■■■■■. Right now, the actual balance (based on war results, not theory) is very heavily leaning towards the attacker side. There are many possible further advantages for the defender side that wouldn’t change a thing, let alone “kill wardecs”.
Also, the risk in HS doesn’t come from wardecs alone. Even if they would be gone for a reason, HS wouldn’t be risk free. On top of that, the risks from being at war can already be mitigated completely and easily in many cases (by dodging it).

(Salvos Rhoska) #532

500 posts and I still dont get what the problem is supposed to be.

(CowQueen MMXII) #533

There are exceptions, but mostly:

  • War decs don’t lead to actual war.
  • There is no incentive for the attacker to actually attack or the defender to actually defend.
  • The game lacks mechanics to actively and efficiently pursue war targets.
  • War decs are used against random targets to farm killmails from the clueless and not for directed, meaningful conflict

The problem is not that wars can be declared freely and in larger numbers for whatever reason.