Abysal Items & Price calculations, only a idea

I have been thinging about calculating abysal item prices, like making formulas that give direction how to give each item a own value.

Base idea is to give each stats multiplier, lets say Afterburner we value fitting stats and velocity modifier as 1%=0.2 and sig is 1% = 0.1
So if we thing every modification is good and item gets better 2% in all stats we gonna calculate price with formula
( 1+0.2+0.2+0.2+0.2+0.2+0.2+0.1+0.1 = 2.4 )
So item price will be market price *2.4
Same idea we use with negative modifications.
Does this make any sense?
This is only ment to be guidline to value each item.

If this is good i will make each item class own formulas which we can adjust after

Item prices will be done how everything else is done. Supply vs demand. If your mutated AB is only as good as a vanilla T2 AB, you’re probably not going to even get T2 prices for it. If it’s better than an officer AB and if a mutation that good is also so rare as to effectively be unique, you’d basically be able to charge any price. No formulae, neither simple nor complex can consistently predict demand driven value. Even the most resourceful business have to experiment with pricing.


That seems legit, i just dont like that there are soon thousands of different same items, if you lnow what i mean. Well maybe everything finds its place like allways.

Well, like I said, the prices won’t be predictable by calculations, but they can be partially predicted by behavior.

  • Because the prices won’t be effectively tracked in-game, the only tool potential buyers will have to decide how much they are willing to pay will be word of mouth popularity.
  • At first, everything will be ridiculously priced because of market uncertainty. It will probably be quite some time for prices to become sane.
  • Only 1 or 2 attributes per item will matter. It won’t matter how good an item is otherwise, if it’s not good in popular ways it will be worthless.
  • Because only popular items and mutations will have value, everything else will become over supplied and worthless. In some cases worth even less than the non-mutated versions.
  • Eventually a 3rd party market website will show up and get populated. That’s what will have to happen before there can be such a thing as a “normal” price. However, word of mouth will still drive which attributes are important and thus have value.
  • Cost will come into play to establish a middle ground, but supply and demand will drive the ends. Cost won’t be clear until there’s more data, but the rumblings I’ve heard about risk and rarity make it sound like a billion isk per mutator would be plausible.

Of course this all assumes enough of these things will exist for clear patterns to ever establish themselves.

Yep, it’s not clear yet whether this can become a business at all, or keeps a pure gambling thing (only a few lucky make bank, the rest goes bankrupt).

Actually… someone’s working on such a site. They’re just waiting on TechCo to harass GD enough to make a public contract endpoint available for ESI.

I wasn’t even expecting that much, but that would definitely accelerate it.

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