Abyss drifter combo

(4-AcO-DMT) #1

lost these 2 ships in t2 abyssals. how to deal with drifter combo (neuter+battleship)?
28m SP omega clone

t1 was like a breeze so i decided to go t2. it felt like a jump from t1 straight to at least t3. huge difference in difficulty

(Solstice Projekt) #2

You’re unsubscribing because it’s too hard for you?

Are you ■■■■■■■ kidding me?

Have you ever played ANYTHING in the 80s?

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(Ember Fireheart) #3

Teen’s are pretty weak these days lol give up so fast, if you think t2 cruiser is hard try t3 solo frigate :slight_smile: now that still gives me nightmares.

(4-AcO-DMT) #4

thanks for the constructive feedback

(Ember Fireheart) #5

Here you go :slight_smile:

Tank thermal more than the rest :]. Most death’s come from Triglave’s and thermal is their highest damage type, I found t2 caldari resists the best for this.

(Nep-Neps) #6

It’s probably also a good idea to not fit 3 damage mods? Another hardener would be great for your resists

(Dread Saboteur) #7

Clearly you died because you’re bad

(Nicolai Serkanner) #8

Good riddance.

(Aedaxus) #9

Contract me your stuff and send me your ISK! Either that or try harder, abyss is the hardest pve around , try and find some abyss players and get tips and tricks! Also watch zkillboard for dank fittings.

(4-AcO-DMT) #10

main problem is with my survivability and capacitor life. i take too much damage and cant keep up with repairs because im not cap stable

eventhough i have 29m SP and always aimed at combat skills i still get smashed
i have no idea what skills i still lack to make it easier and doable for me.
i dont know what to buy, what to inject and what to learn

my conclusion is that i lose more than i ever gain in this game. i DO NOT progress. i lost 400m ISK worth of ships in exchange for maybe 10m ISK/h
i do enjoy shooting NPC ships, its quite relaxing and nice to look at but when i lose in split seconds something 40x more expensive than what i can win, it just makes no sense to do it at all.
risk vs reward is just too damn high