Help with skill choice

the goal: i want to do (highest possible) abyssals and fly triglavian ships (cruiser focus for now)

here are my last deaths in t2 filaments. drifter combo (neuters+BS) got me twice
i couldnt keep up with armor repairs and eventually ran out of capacitor

help me find, buy and inject skills that would further increase my overall power.
starting with any kind of defense for longer survivability and capacitor life

anything else that would increase my dps, tracking, optimal range and what not that i dont already have will also be helpful

thanks in advance

If you’re able to post a link to your char here:

That will enable others to see what skills you currently have and what could be improved.


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is that a legit website? is it safe to log in with EVE credentials?

Sounds like you need to fly a gila like everybody else

As far as I know it’s legit. It’s used for sales on the character bazaar, so at the very least it’s ‘sort of’ endorsed by CCP.


Cap battery. Cap skills. rep skills. Nav V skills that decrease capacitor usage. The top two ships I know of are the Sacrilege and Gila. So missiles are fairly strong. Drones do well also with Gila bonuses.
You could probably try a different missile ship for low end sites. Not sure what you can do with a caracal.

Apparently a caracal can do T3s decently.

But as OP is looking to increase tracking it doesn’t sound like missiles is something they have trained.


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I can confirm that caracal can do at least t2. T3 you need to know what you are doing but I have done a couple myself. I wouldn’t be surprised if similarly fit cerb could do T4 (and more than just electrical as it is cap stable).

Trig ships need have high ship skill to get benefit of turret bonuses.

Second get your engineering skills up then armour, disintergator skills as well as turret core skills, then shield skills and rig armour and engineering skills, nav skills last.

Then specialization skills to improve specific modules.

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