Abyss free from consequence

me to
just ■■■■ single character players like me
most players have a trading alt , a mining alt , a "pvp"alt ,a amarr alt , a galente alt, a bring the coffee alt …


once i had an alt
i told her to make me a ■■■■■■■ sandwish
she called me a pig
never saw her again :frowning:

ba dum tss

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In traditional MMO’s, perhaps, but that gate keeping system was called a “standing”.

Eve is quite different, and the standing are a lot more fleshed out into a functioning utility. Gain standing with a faction, and the factions that don’t like them are also impacted.
Earn up standing with Pirates, tanking your standard faction rep, and you can get the rewards of missions with pirate LP and the pirate LP store rewards. Similar with faction warfare.

It is still gate keeping to an extent, but it also requires that you, the character, make willful decisions on what side you are going to support, and you can then reap the rewards of doing so.

There is certainly a lot of features lacking in the diplomacy side of gameplay, the cost of going hostile with one of the major factions doesn’t quite outweigh the benefit for a main character and resetting standings is an almost insurmountable grind, which leads to FW stuff is generally regulated to alt chars.
But the groundwork is there, and it has the most useful and overall impactful diplomacy system of any MMO.

I disagree. It is trivially easy to avoid negative standings that are bad enough to create major pain points, repairing negative standings isn’t that hard, in many cases, it’s not that hard to get good standings with rival factions at the same time, and, as you pointed out, players can sidestep the consequences of negative standings by creating alts.

So… where’s the lasting consequences or meaningful decisions with that? Or the fun for that matter? I mean, with the right combination of grinding, knowledge, and alts, the standings system is rendered nothing more than an annoyance and chore.

I just don’t get it. Well… let me be clear, I understand the desire for lasting consequences and meaningful decisions. I can certainly get behind that. The problem, however, is that I don’t think the standings system in Eve delivers on those things. And it leaves me scratching my head when people try to defend it by saying that it does.

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Explanation is simple.
What happens in abyss, stays in abyss.


Thats not really an explanation, why so ? why not what happens in high/low/null stays in high/low/null . You note what happens but dont explain the excemption

I think you did a good job of describing them yourself there , however trivial you seem to think they are .

I think you need to educate yourself on lore behind abyss and triglavians.

Im not sure you do , why do you think i want abyss brought into line with other combat interaction ?

Tbh i spend a fair bit of time studying just such … but if theres something you think im obviously ingnoring or not understanding feel free to eleborate .

They really should lose trig standings.

Human Augmented Narodyna must prove the direction of their flow.
Narodyna moving through the flow of Vyraj may be fit to enter Bujan. Narodyna without fitness will be expelled from the flow.
The Convocation of Triglav Outside the Struggle invoke Cladistic Proving. Glorification of the fit, and mortification of the unfit will unfold within the flow.

Cladeships of the 3 tactical troika classification in communion militant of Ognyena Subclade of Perun Clade encountered vessels under guidance of augmented foreign narodnya at reverse-time co-ordinates (indecipherable) in sub-15 exclave of conduit loop construct-89. Corruption of hivelinking was found absent by Ognyena Subclade and invocation of cladistic proving was attempted with mortification of cladeships as the following-time material realization. Transfer conduit of sub-15 exclave of conduit loop construct-89 recorded the proving and released it to the cladeflow for advancing-time studious communion.
– Partial translation of Triglavian Trinary Datastream AFN1

(indecipherable) cladistic proving invoked at reverse-time and in now-time subject to repeated-time bifurcation of flows in advancing-time.

Advancing-time discourse-element (indecipherable)
«forms of contact should be followed» (indecipherable) prayer shall invoke cladistic proving to achieve glorification. Detached Executive Troika for Sublimation of Poshlost Flow with (indecipherable) «continue to next evolution of sampling» (indecipherable) in the proving of noema within the flow of Vyraj.
– AFN 5

Advancing-time discourse-element (indecipherable) «cybernetic adaptation for personality-level command identity submergence Augmented should be analyzed for conformity» (indecipherable) all clades and subclades «exploratory operations planning will incorporate contingencies for sampling and analysis of augmented human entities» in response to prayer of Detached Executive Troika.
– Partial translation of Triglavian Trinary Datastream AFN6

We invoke a proving of Kybernauts in the ancient domains.
Guide and ground the flow and be fit for glorification.
Obstruct and mortify the flow, and you will be extirpated.

Ancient Domains stability requires weaving of Final Liminality conduits
Totality requires Triglav Exalted Final Liminality Dazh Elements
Sobornost Kybernauts are exhorted to realize glorification pattern in totality
The Flow of Vyraj requires realization of stability of Ancient Domains
Sobornost Kybernauts realizing glorification shall be in proven communion

Foreign Narodyna proving fitness to join the flow shall be glorified
Kybernauts proving praxis of extirpation poshlost shall be glorified
Sobornost kybernauts are EXHORTED to extirpate poshlost

Interference in the Weaving and the Struggle is poshlost activity, and Proven Kybernauts are exhorted to defend Pochven from infection by forbidden hive-linking and dominance ideologies.

On this Auspicious Day, a year after Totality, I call on Sobornost Kybernauts to continue the great work. And I extend the Offer of the Clades to all citizens of New Eden. Enter the Proving as Aspirant Noradnya, seize for yourself a life beyond the petty and grasping ideologies of the old order. Join with the Flow of Vyraj

Long story short: Combat within the Abyss is Cladistic Proving, an opportunity to be found fit or unfit. Attacking Raznaborg (scout) Triglavians or those in the Fields of Glorification and Pochven are obstructing the Flow and thus must be exterpated.


LOL, its pretty obvious you’re salty they make ISK without losing potential standings.

However, scroll down and read Ash’s post.

But please, cry moar :smiley:

So your point is there is evidence that trigs encourage you to partake of the abyss as its part of there war effort ??

If thats the case why dont you lose concord or edencom standing for doing so …

No not really interested in anyone elses wallet tbh.

Cant really say that discussing these things upsets me , if it does you , my apologies

LOL ok dude.

Just know its obvious :smiley:

Which bit the bit were your wrong about my motivations or the bit where your wrong about my emotive state ?

Neither bro :smiley:

Its obvious what you’re trynna do here, and others have already seen it as well.

The Abyss isn’t free from consequence as others have pointed out.

Ash has provided the lore reasoning as to why it doesn’t impact standings.

You’re DOA :smiley:

Good try tho old chap :smiley:

While you keep saying this is obvious and that is obvious it certainly isnt clear to me what you actually think is obvious .

Last time i asked you went 0 for 2 , so let us all know what are you most likely wrong about this time ?

Not exactly their war effort.

The Triglavians are not one cohesive empire, but rather 3 sub factions that are constantly in conflict with one another, a thing they call “The Struggle”

They also hold the idea of survival of the fittest to a near-religious level. Every idea, person, plan, or note must be validated through a “Proving”.

When they found Sansha they detected Hivelinking, which they are staunchly against for reasons handed down to them from ancient times. Also, Sansha tried and in some cases succeeded in corrupting Triglavian’s people and equipment.

However, when they found us they scanned us and detected no hivelinking. Instead of extirpation, they invoked “Cladistic Proving”. Cladistics, or Clades is a biological term meaning 2 sub-groups of a Biological species. So “Tiger” and “tabby cat” would be Cladistically related. They see us as like them, and as such we are permitted to prove ourselves to them, and thus be found fit to be entered into the “Flow of Vyraj” (Their collective sense of destiny or purpose) and even enter the Domain of Bujan (a place we have not seen yet). And they perform this proving by fighting us. Glorification to the fit, and mortification to the unfit shall unfold from the flow.

However, they have a mission in Pochven and have declared any attempt to disrupt their efforts and “mortify” their flow will be declared Poshlost (corrupt) and extirpated. Zorya Triglavs actual title is Detached Executive Troika for the Sublimation of Poshlost Flow. If you work with them, they will accept you in and you can begin the process of Proving as an Aspirant Noradnya and/or Sobornost Kybernaut.

So that is why you lose standings when you encounter the Triglavians outside of the abyss, but not inside.

The bit about the war effort is that those who DO aid in “guiding and grounding the flow” shall be glorified and permitted into Bujan, whatever that means. And the instructions we have to aid is to patrol Pochven and eleminate any Poshlost intruder (basically anything not loyal to the Triglavians.

Heck right now in Pochven the Triglavians are fighting more with each other than anyone else :smiley:

It is :smiley:

As is your tactics :smiley:

Again, scroll down and read Ash’s excellent lore explanation.

You’re still DOA bro.

Thanks for trying tho :smiley: