Abyss free from consequence

If abysall runs were lvl 4 missions they would have a significant effect on your standings .

Why is abysall space free from relationship consequences .

In other words why dont you lose especially trig standing by raiding there deep space caches ?

Most likely because unlike missions where you are guaranteed to win or lose, plus tied to the standings system, abyssals have a lot more risk, and werent designed to deal with standings for triglav.


Abyss encounters are random.

It would be harsh if you got told ‘Choose: lose some of the standings you really do not wish to lose, or lose your ship’. As a result anyone who cares for any of the standings of factions in abyssal space wouldn’t be able to run abyssals. Random standing loss doesn’t seem all that fun, especially when some of that standings would be CONCORD standings - I don’t think you can get that back up?

Gankers can find your abyssal trace and gank you also I would like to point that out. Also, it takes a fairly good ISK investment to do these things optimally in t3-t4. Not to mention disconnects and I personally think disconnects kill more than the PVE does XD

Please think about your post a little more next time OP. I think it took him less than 3mins to write it.

Its an idea i had and thought it was worth polling other peoples opinion .

People complain abyss runners are immune to pvp mechnics other than the gank oppurtunity at return as people mentioned .

People also have expressed the opinion grinding isk without that vunrability is a feature of this pve is unque .

I just thought that not only are abyss runs unique in the pvp realm but also the pve grind mechnics in that they are immune to standings pressure .

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I always reject any nation lv 4 missions that might hurt my standings. But Yah there is risk to it and there are people who hunted these abyss runners down. Not just close to jita but stalked them to their HS home and ganked them. I’m pretty sure my gila won’t even survive 1 tornado volly or 5 catalysis.

Besides the ganking point these things take 1bil+ to run efficiently sure you can go t2 fits it would be slow in my opinion. T3 abyss is only about 50-75mil hr if the drops are any good. t4 abyss gets a lot more intense. Gotta know what your doing unlike t3 and below were you can just cheese it and hope for a nice loot drop.

Thank you for explaining why you came up with the post many people don’t bother to and I was quick to judge :slight_smile: Sorry about that.

There is consequence to running abyss sites. From your literal internet killing you, to gankers who tracked down your 1+bil deadspace abyssal fitted gila, to the randomized sites killing you because you can’t plan for everything and there are rooms designed to be extremely hard “Karen” rooms that can kill you. zkill has many billions worth of dead t4-t6 gilas and other ships.

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I understand the risk and reward ratios are high but still wonder why we can basically loot the triglavians caches and it not have any influence on there opinion of you .

The other parties involved i could perhaps see accepting a sort of free for all policy during a war situation but I think the trigs themselves would be the most ‘interested’ party given its there technology being raided .

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I agree I can see a very valid idea that as you do abyss or kill triglavan ships it should affect your triglavan standings and prevent you from using pochven stations. The cashes are there’s after all.

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A very large part of the game has nothing to do with standings. Standings is a very small part of the game and irrelevant for a lot of gameplay. Abyssals not being affected by or affecting standings isn’t unique.

On the contrary, very few things in this game do not allow player interaction.
Missions - you’re out in space. Mining - you’re out in space. PI - you’re going to be out in space when you want to gather all those goods. Exploration, combat, hauling, you’re out in space. Trading, industry - you’re going to be competing with other players in other parts than space, but you’ll be competing nonetheless.

Abyssals? People are in their own private instance and if anyone wants to interfere with you and sets up camp on your trace, you just enter another one.

The problem of abyssals is that they take people out of space in a game that is about competing with players in space.

Adding standing losses to abyssals is only going to add frustration (and makes people use different characters for abyssals than for their business which requires standings) but doesn’t solve the problem of abyssals, which is that people are not in space.


Maybe im wrong but the only instances in pve where standings arent affected is combat against enemies that can be assumed to have ultimate negative standing towards you ie drones or sleepers .

Can you give other examples ?

Standings affect trading, faction warfare, traveling through empire space without police harassing you, level of missions you can do, diamond rat standings for either neutrality or them helping

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Perhaps you misunderstood the question .

I wasnt asking for examples of things standings affect but pve circumstances where standing towards the enemy isn’t affected ( with the exception of the examples I gave , drones and sleepers , that have a negative standing that cant be affected )

abyss is to deep no one know whats up there
plus standings are an old system that should be removed / reworked IMO

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The thing is, no one makes it out of the abyss to let peeps know they got blapped.

It makes sense from a lore perspective as well.

I get why you’re attempting to stealth nerf Abyss, but its unwarranted.

What makes the Abyss so strong is peeps running it non-stop in the blue donut in perfect safety :smiley:

Pretty much all PvE that was introduced before new AI (triglavians and diamond rats).

To be more clear. All “old” rats aren’t affected by standings. Be it in open space missions or other encounters. Standings only affect ability to interact with agent but they don’t have any effect on NPC’s

My point is killing them effects your standing .

Regardless of how that effects gameplay .

Kill a serpentis rat in a mining belt … -0.02 serpentis standing is applied to your character.

The trigs must be able to travel to and fro or how/why would they store loot there ?

Who knows why the triangle dudes store stuff in there?

Obviously filaments provide access, and they most likely have more control over them.

However as the abyss is volatile, if they come back and everyone dead, they chalk it up to the abyss.

LOL just dispense with the sophistry and say you wanna nerf the Abyss my guy.

Why try to hide it behind silly things like this?

I personally hate standings. They were put into MMO’s in order to limit how fast players could burn through content. And, in cases where there are limits to how much you can increase your standings in a day, they served an additional dark pattern design -namely, to encourage players to log in every day to do their MMO chores.

Needless to say, I’m not a fan of additional standings requirements being added to the game. And not for nothing, but the biggest problem I have with abyssals is that they’re instanced. So, as far as I’m concerned, if they need any major changes, it would be to facilitate PvP within abyssal space.

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Well they have gates and towers out there , neither of us can say for sure wether they are monitoring there investments

Well thats entirely not up to me now is it , im just pointing out (another) disparity with the rest of the game .

/edit Also to examine your aurguement ’ its in the abyss , no one knows ’ further . How then do chat channels and neo comm functions still work there , surely that ’ proves ’ there is still contact with New Eden as a whole , at least theoretically