Abyss loot skyrocket in price due to DDoS?

With several days long connection issues no one in his clear mind will dive into Abyss today or tommorrow. Do you think mutaplasmids price will come back to normal 200 - 300 milions per 1 piece? I mean - supply will decrease… Or is the Abyss modified mods market harmed beyond repair ?

So will demand. Idiot thread to make.

If the consumers of the loot are affected as much as the producers of the loot, one would think the price would be unaffected.

Or… pretend CCP just killed the power to the servers and walked away for 6 months, then came back and turned the power on again. Assuming all players just came right back and picked up where they left off, nothing should change.

So you have something to gain from these attacks??!?

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No. he just don’t understand game and market.

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A likely excuse!

I think idea behind the OP was that unstable connection does not prevent players from playing entirely , so demand is on usuall level or a bit lower… But supply most probably stoped all together because, for example, I myself will not go to Abyss as long as I do not have 100 % ensurance, that unusuall connectivity problems are gone. And I think many Abyss runners decide to do so…

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