Abyss NPC types

Is there a table or a website of somekind that explains the nature of the various NPCs in Abyss space? I’m not sure which ones remote repair, but I do try to keep a visual lookout for that kind of thing.

Keep a notepad beside your keyboard. Enjoy discovering the new content that isn’t already scripted out for you. Adapt and overcome!

I would not be a good pilot if I did not research what I was getting myself into. Minimize the risk as much as possible, if there is no data available, check the forums to see if there is something you missed. If there is no data on the forums either, THEN I can choose to adapt and overcome, take notes, etc.

Demons that lurk in the Abyss

It’s new content, so people who are doing the research for themselves are reaping the rewards for it.It will take some time before people start posting full details about it to protect their current profits.

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