Starting out in abyssal space


I made a character and went first into mining but that turned out to be bit tedious to me so wanted to try and spice it up, so I found and read about these day one alpha that could go into abyssal space and make some amazing cash. Made this character, followed guide but ended up dying in my 2nd run, thus I tried finding a partner in the suggested channel but no one was interested, someone mentioned reason being people get back stabbed.

So here I am trying to find a partner to try this with. I fly basic Punisher fit found on youtube and in some guides I have read these days while mining.

For any additional info feel free to ask here or try finding me in game. Hope to hear from someone soon, thank you in advance.

Take care.

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Why did you die on your second run?Were the npc too strong or was your fitting wrong?

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