Returning players questions

Hello there! Returning after a long break, would appreciate few tip regarding few things (=. Last thing i did before break was gettin’ my hand on abaddon with t2 fit. Now, to set some goal for myself i aim for a shiny new paladin. Questions:

  1. lvl 4 missions or mining in 0.5-0.6 is more profitable for relativly “safe” meager cash?
    For more serious money -
  2. this new abyssal space(?) worth the risk, but require specific fits, correct?
  3. or maybe sansha incursions are more profitable?

Look at Aceface videos on youtube for abyssal fits and approach. He covers from T0 to T6 levels.

Welcome back to New Eden!

1a - Level 4 missions in 0.5-0.6 space.
Still pretty good - my go-to for relaxing. The Paladin is a good target to aim for. The general approach of a “1000 battleship” applies - total of DPS+EHP/S rep = 1000. In practice, 600 DPS and 250+ repair is fine. Try a Pulse fitted MJD Apocalypse as an idea (The Navy Apoc is nice!). Never been attacked while mission running - a couple of times I’ve mucked up a mission by triggering everything and it becomes a bit of a grind, but otherwise safe.

1b - Mining in 0.5-0.6.
Again, if you stay reasonably alert it’s slow steady income if you like chewing rocks. The belts are larger (and more spread) than you may remember, the range of mining crystals has changed. Type B is expensive, but fast for a solo miner just ripping rock. Type A brings in a greater proportion of the rock but slower - you aren’t going to clear a belt solo so efficiency isn’t a concern.
Been ganked while mining once (ice) - my own stupid fault: I was in a Retriever while everyone else was in Procurers.

2 - Abyssal Space.
Worth a dip into - it’s different and you can start in Tier 1 with a T2 fitted cruiser (an Omen or Maller in your case I suspect - go for Electrical filaments if you do). Work your way up until you struggle. A typical run is 10-20 minutes and in tier one grabs you a few million in loot.
The rewards really pick up in Tier 3 and above, but they get harder! Tier 3 is “T2 fitted HAC” (Sacrilige) territory.
I quite like Abyssal diving.

3 - Sansha Incursions
Never tried them, can’t comment.

Good luck.


I checked, this was pretty informative, thanks!

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Thanks for detailed answer, appreciate it!

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The changes in mining were a real problem for me when I came back about two months ago after a longer break. Kernite is missing from all high-sec and it mostly makes no sense to mine in anomalies since the valuable ores like Jaspet are missing there. That really is a nuisance to me andI had to ponder for a while before I upgraded to an Omega account.

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