Returning player

Hi all. Looking for very general advise in if my aim is possible. And then maybe brief guidence.

I want to run three omegas. I want to mine lots. I’m think two miners and one orca. So two miners and one industrial trained orca pilot. I’m hoping that’s possible.

I wanted a 4th omega for help as PvP protection but can’t afford. They would dream. Is that possible?

I’m thinking two coverters or whatever they e called , feeding into an orca .

Thanks I’d love to join the community again.

Of course its possible.

Its possible to have 10 orcas, 1000 miners, and 300 PVP protection characters.

Its possible to have a million miners.

But make sure to do two things.

One, Covetors are easy gank targets, you will not go far, try getting something like a procurer, which has a lot more tank.

Two, buy mining permits and check out

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Really? In the newbie section?

I have no issue with your content and actually find it amusing and creative. I just don’t think this is the proper place for it.

To the OP while you are free to review the link and purchase a “permit” if you desire it is not actually a requirement to mine.

Im not a miner at all but I would go for 3 orcas.

First off, hes a returning player. You can post whatever you want in the newbie section, doesnt make you a new player.

Secondly, if he wants to mine in hisec, then it only makes sense that he is both aware and in good terms with one of the largets hisec miner ganking groups.

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